Thursday, February 21, 2013

EVENTS: Layali Al Salah Perfume Launch and Fashion Show at Bait Zubair Museum

I am a fan of Museums. I love history, and that means I have pretty much exhausted every museum in Oman and my little sister and I, our fondest memories of transit here are stopovers in London and spending hours upon hours in the museums over there. But if you are not a Museum fan like me, maybe you are a fashion lover? Because then this event held at Bait Zubair museum here in Oman over last summer was it? might be more up your alley.

 The fashion show itself was a promotion for a new perfume launch but was held at the museum. The show consisted of jalabiyias and abayas. What do you think of them?:
The perfume, and the presenter after model giving the tiniest taste of Omani-hijabi [non-abaya] fashion in the Sultanate:


Boxie said...

mashallah i love the 2 blue ones.

Pixie said...

I love purple. I am always love purple and coral.