Thursday, March 21, 2013

PURELY PIXIE: very baby-girl in pink bows and pearls

When I was about due to have my daughter Um Alawi came to stay with me along with her girl, Sabr. Sabr brought along with her, her Eid a abaya which was this GORGEOUS front open abaya trimmed with yellow silk with a cascade fall in the front. I coveted it. It was an Emirati souq-style abaya but I managed to find from Splash here in Oman a Tamaara brand abaya in the exact same cut. Not really my size, and trimmed on baby pink poly-chiffon (I hate poly-satins and chiffons) but it was on sale for 9 Omani rials (which is a steal) so I got it.
It is front open, but just barely (you can see my tiger-striped harem pants sticking out just the slightest ways) but being it is not my size it is the devil to walk in. Cascade cuts always are unless you wear high heels and stand around alot. I do wear it out alot though, since it was so cheap, I wear it when I want something dressy but that I could afford to ruin. Like dates in Mutrah with my husband!:
I apologize for not having any better far-away veiws of the abaya. Husband is against this part of the blog and I make do where I must;):

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