Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DAILY DISCOVERY: burqa pinkie ring, and ghutra-print house dress

I love the Bedouin. I think their culture is fascinating. My husband isn't Bedouin so it is kinda bizarre to my in-laws that I want to dress up in a burqa right? {Wedding occasion burqas pictured below}. So recently I found this really cute costume jewelry Burqa ring that is a safe compromise that my husband and my niece adores {pictured above}.
You too can purchase the same Khaleeji-style ring online from this website http://thecatwalkfashion.com/productall.php which stocks some of the cheap cute goodies I find here in Oman. My picks from the website are below:


muslimah mummy said...

:) lovin this, my fav is definitely the purple Allah bracelet, and then the red dress! x

Hala said...

Glad you like them :)))))