Sunday, April 14, 2013


I am (inshaAllah) going to be in Dublin, Ireland, this June. As it has been, this has been decided for months already, and I have made no plans whatsoever beyond the first three days for reservations, car rentals... ect... My husband is like, what are you going to pack? As this is always an issue for me, right? I am like, don't worry, I can make an outfit out of any old thing... And he's like, "that's not what I'm worried about. What I'm worried about is carrying a backpack full of shoes from the airport to the train platform and up several flights of stairs." Good point. We don't actually want to actually require luggage, just carry-on. So time to get on that at least. I planned to take my bubble abaya (which apparently is called the "umbrella" style in the West). It has fitted sleeves so makes layering very easy, and a super wide hem---excellent for walking. Also, mine is, like, five years old (that's why one should always buy in quality fabrics) and has a small hole in the lower back, so I plan to make several outfits out of it by layering a cable-knit cardi, tweed jacket, and yes, a camel-tone capelet over it (take that you nasty old hole!). For the city I want a bag that is easy to carry, and I already have my dream Ireland shoes. They are studded plaid just like the one pictured---but ballet flats with nice thick and flexible rubber sole.
Most of what we want to do in Dublin is wander around, visit museums, libraries (okay... that's just me.... my husband could care less about cities) and then catch the train from Connolly Station to where we actually plan to stay in Ireland, up in the West of the country. I keep telling my husband I know how to dress, since Ireland has pretty much the same weather as where I was born in Canada, albeit colder Atlantic winds. Layering, having a hat and umbrella on hand, and abayas with shorter hems than longer, all musts. No, I will never ever ever wear a windbreaker. Ughhhh!!!!
I like to wear hats with my hijab. I find that it fits in well in urban and country places. I also love leather driving gloves. I find, now that I am accustomed to Oman's eternal sunshine, that anywhere else even in the height of summer, will give me the chills. Aldo accessorize had some cute ones, last time I was in. I plan to get my tweed from Zara, cable-knit from Forever21 (or other random cheapo store), and capelet who knows.... I usally just wear pashminas when I am cold, so I'll pick some of those up from Splash.
Ireland is kind of more casual place when it comes to cities, and I like that about it. London is like my sister. I feel kinship to the vibe there. I wonder if Dublin will be a simlar feeling. My husband will be easy to pack for. He's bringing two coloured thobes/dishdasha, a vest, two pairs of shoes, eight paris of socks (oh yeah, I'll need tights and socks), pants, three t-shirts, and that's all we decided on. DO any of my readers from Ireland or who have visited the country in June-July have any recomendations for me?

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