Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Inspiration Board: Going Green, an abaya and a maxi dress

 I am really contemplating coloured abayas. All my wardrobe for outside the home is Omani-traditional dress floral caftans, and black Khaleeji abayas. And as an "ex-pat" [well... kind of] through my work I COULD technically WEAR colour without getting a stare down. This endearingly simple evergreen-hued abaya from is achingly on trend with the tropical prints I am seeing elsewhere, such as a Mango, Zara, H&M ect... Above is pretty much how I'd wear it, with a tropical splash from my hijab, with my favourite purse and shoes (and except mine would be sandals) and a smattering of cute necklaces, touches of jade green, turquoise, and little leopard.
I am also currently loving alot of the eco-concious collection at H&M. Zara and Max also had some lovely tropical prints going on. I guess because of all the steamy rain here in Oman, and the sun is back, and everything is a little bit greener, it feels kind of tropical.

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