Saturday, May 11, 2013

PURELY PIXIE: ruffled front-open abaya with a pop of teal and a product review

Eid is always, always a rush here in Oman, sprinting between the fabric stores and the tailors'. I got on all that early and completed my Eid shopping... mostly. I was strict with myself and my shopping list so I wouldn't, say, buy another handbag [my secret weakness]. One of my must-haves was a plain black A-line front open abaya made of black crystal type crepe with wide sleeves a little bit of personality. The personality of this particular abaya is that the hemline of the sleeves, opening, and outer edges, are all delicately trimmed with quality chiffon. It is my own design but nothing overly trendy. The waist has an inner-tying silk-chord belt that I knot but never tug taught so that my shape doesn't show and the style remains Islamic-hijab.
There are snaps at the wrists to keep the wide sleeves from opening but this particular abaya IS a hassle for washing dishes because of the ruffles. There are also snaps from the neckline to just above the stomach as I intend to wear this abaya with jalabiyias or maxi dresses with leggings underneath to keep it halal. I love the simple feminity of the ruffles. I accessorize pretty conservately with black shoes and black bag, and traditional Omani-style silver ring. Just a pop of teal from my cotton maxi dres, and a one-minute self manicure is all I feel the abaya really needs to still look dressy but in a "I'm-not-trying-too-hard" kind of way.
I am not a shoe person, forgive. I hate shoes. I hate that we must wear shoes. I still think they look pretty though arranged in a elegant closets. I thankful everyday that in Oman, no matter how formal a workplace, open-toes are always a go.
Now for my product review, TOP LADY wudu-friendly nailpolish, pictured below. As my regular readers may already know, I do not believe wudu or salat is valid if one is wearing nailpolish based on daleel, scientific evidence, the whole point behind wudu, and upon the majority opinion of scholars. I still wear it, but only when I have my period. I do not believe it is an "ornament" referred to in the Qu'ran as that is speaking of sexual beauty, not "what is otherwise apparent". ANYWAYS>>> this nailpolish is the peel-off kind. It can be put on, in less than half a minute, dries in one minute, and takes about 2 minutes to completely peel-off smooth nails. Crushed and deformed nails it doesn't peel off on, just a warning, as I tested it also on a toenail that I have that has serious issues with polish removal of seemingly any kind due to its deformed nature. I liked it because I found I was almost able to wear polish all day with little effort, and perfectly acceptable polish-less salat/prayer. Sadly, out of ALL the available colours, this teal shade was the only one in stock that didn't make me think grade two-to-kindergarten finger-paint. That's my review.

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