Saturday, May 4, 2013

Some Videos of where I am from

My "village" over here in the GCC (has music).
Harvesting the dates.
The drive to the village by some tourists.
This house belongs to my husband and co-wife's tribe. It was donated to be a museum explaining traditional Omani village life. They show the traditional chores, many of which my MIL and SILs still do, like bread baking, flour grinding, make the coffee the old way, and cosmetics, despite the majority of them choosing to move into modern villas and out of the mud brick houses in the old villages.
A great old video showing our village and the areas around our village, then and now.

I also enjoyed this documentary about polygamy in Oman who I can't upload so here is the link (there are many parts, this is the first). I found it intriguing to notice that the women who made favorable comments towards polygyny were from the region of Oman that my husband co-wife hail from, and those who made more negative comments from areas I consider more cultural, and less Islamic based.

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