Monday, June 24, 2013

Rant about some kinds of guys who think to make a-go at polygamy in Muslim Communities

Everyone who knows me knows I am totally all good with husbands taking more than one wife (my husband has two) provided they do it according to the sunnah.

But dudes, if you think you're going to be an example to the other brothers out there, don't be on welfare, and don't make your wife work to pay for herself so you can afford to take another wife.

Totally... not cool, not sunnah, and not a good citizen.

Just a word from the wise and experienced in this: If you don't pay for yourself and make enough for your first wife to stay home and never work... you probably can't afford to have another wife even if your first wife DOES work.

Khalas, get that thought right out of your heads!

Drives me bonkers when guys get a Shaykh complex and think marrying multiples will suddenly make them beacons of the straight path to everyone. Really, not so much when the dudes are on welfare or their wives work and have to pay for everything themselves, and this is from a working woman.

Ughhh. Moving on.

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Larissa said...

My sentiments exactly. If you are on welfare or your wife is on welfare, Uncle Sam is supporting your family not you. Some of our men really need to do better and women need to start requiring more for themselves.