Sunday, March 22, 2009

Abaya of the Month-March: Seeing Stars Balloon Sleeve Abaya

MashaAllah I love this star spangled Balloon sleeves Abaya from for $62.72 USD. Isn't it cute? I have ordered from in the past and always recieved my orders. I love all of their crepe and mustakbel fabric abayas and their cotton caftans (but avoid anything tafetta or priced low but claiming to be silk). Their shipping can be slow but reliable unless you pay the extra (it is worth it if you need it fast). A good company. You won't get ripped off. Oh yeah. Balloon sleeves are soooooooooo in right now. They are the new farasha.

1 comment:

Sakeenah said...

great way to make my tiny wrists and fat upper arm look even more unbalanced, i don't know how many people can pull off balloon sleeves but im not one of them