Monday, March 23, 2009

another abaya i love

Abaya Saudi for 44.95 euros. I'd wear it with those cute pink flats from (they're 14.00 $ USD).

I'd just like to add, when I do fashion sets, I am not rich. I do not buy all the things I post nor do I promote excessive materialism. I love the art of fashion, but in my daily life I wear things that are practical. My abayas often come from ebay for $25.00-35.00 and when I need one I will splurge on a nice abaya but often don't spend over $80.00 CAD (this is sort of a once a year splurge for me). It IS important to me though to buy something with quality fabric and sometimes it IS worth it to buy a hundred dollar abaya that will last you five years, rather than a cheap one that will only last a year, and of that year you won't like to wear it more than a couple of times every few weeks. Instead, I like to personalize my own abayas by sewing and beading them, and the same abaya often gets redesigned with ribbon a couple of times a year. While I would love to be rich enough to afford everything on this site and still be able to give sadaqah enough triples times that ammount, I can't so... (I do think it'd be okay to have all this stuff if you gave away three times it but you really wouldn't need all this much would you?:D). It is just fun for me to do, and the links are useful for other sisters who need to buy a garment. I actually have a favourite abaya I found in a used store. And all my fabulous jalibiyias are hand beaded (they weren't so fabulous and I bought them for ten bucks each from an Egyptian street vendor---else I sewed them by cutting up a salwar kameez and dupata and sewing it to a granny dress from a used store:D). My grandmother was a very elegant lady during world war II and even though she had no money she taught me that she could make the same suit last four seasons by changing the ribbon trim on it, or the cuffs, or wearing a new scarf or hat with it:D That is very much my hijab style. Same abaya but new look. An abaya I had that was trimmed with coins, got redesigneed with lace, and now it is currently beaded with crystal and keffiyah fabric. It has had four lives. It is getting nigh see-through from being worn out, but no one could guess it:D

I want sisters who need jilbabs, khimars, and niqabs to know what options they have, and making fashion sets for me is fun. I don't buy everything I post, and I know that sites are reliable to order from because I ordered something from them or know sister IRL (in real life) that have. I don't want sisters to get scammed, nor to waste a tonne of time trying to find things online. I want them (if they do have a need for something) to know where they can find it, ect., what sites are good to order from, and what things can look good together. What might be perfectly modest for me in accessory choices might not be for someone else, so when I show makeup or high heels or things to be worn under the abaya, please, use common sense. I don't wear nail polish unless it is that time of the month but sometimes I show it in my sets because it fills out the composition nicer. I am not advocating sisters compromise their ability to make wudu with ease. I personally have stopped wearing heels over two inches even though I can walk in them silently because I have an opinion on the matter based on my research. I still show high heels in my sets, because I do wear them at women only parties and at home with my husband (when I am cooking because my kitchen floor is cold):D Use common sense, and please use the links how you'd like. The post is meant to showcase a jilbab and hijab or jilbab and niqab so that you find two items that match, or it is to give a tip of something that might be worn over the jilbab to give it a new look for an occasion, like work or play. Islam is about balance. Balance modesty and style. Balance practicality with expense. Have fun but always remember those in need. That's all I can think of right now.
Love Pix


Anonymous said...

as salam aleikum, very nice text/opinion, thats how i thought u are and act.

MuslimahonaDiet said...

Oh Pixie, sometimes i really wonder if i should stop lurking on your site, cuz you are making me want all of these pretty things, that abaya is really fly!