Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hijab2Niqab: a raspberry trimmed mauve farasha abaya delight

بِسْمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمـَنِ الرَّحِيم ,

I am starting this new set called "hijab2niqab" where I will feature an Islamic clothing item that will appeal in both a style and utility sense to both hijab-only, and niqab-wearing sisters. I will try and match both a khimar and a niqab with the featured item. I hope you all like this new section, which will be added to the already existant sets, "Muslim Women of the World", "Modesty Make-Over", "Suit-case Stylings", "Abaya of the Month", and "Study of the Month". InshaAllah some sisters will find this new set useful, since I don't want to be accused of neglecting any of my sisters.

The first item featured in I♥ Hishma 's new "Hijab2Niqab" section is this Abaya Warda from a Dutch Islamic Website. It is a beautiful farasha/butterfly cut abaya in a light pebble mauve with a very elegant raspberry-coloured trim in an Islamic design. The cut is extremely modest and elegant, and it comes with a matching shayla which will be everything (beyond accessories) Islamically necessary for your average muhajababe (aka hijabi). The abaya costs $44.95 Euros which is roughly $62.00 USD, and the company is safe to order from (by word of mouth from other sisters), and ships internationally to most places. The website Dutch clothing website is not in English, but is relatively easy to manouever around. For the niqabi, how about a Lace Georgette Niqab Set in Burgundy in a very conservative cut that will match very well for $22.50 USD (I have heard the shipping on this site is slow but reliable---as I have found is such with most companies out of Egypt). A pretty beige niqab will suffice as well if you are not daring enough for raspberry. I like this one Beige 2 Layers Niqab - Velcro Fastening for $5.99 GBP (and this site is also safe to order from). This site also has very inexpensive elastic half niqabs for the starter niqabi and you can order a tonne in a bunch of different colours. I have ordered from this site also, and recieved my order promptly. I sometimes have toruble personally with elastic half niqabs because sometimes the elastics are too big for one's head but the colour selection on this site is incredible so if I need a match for a difficult shade I try here.

For accessories with this abaya, I like a raspberry flat peep toe and socks of the same and a raspberry bag. A raspberry ring and bracelet are extras, and sunglasses to cover any eyemake-up that might be worn by the hijabi sister. Same accessories for the niqabi sister. Since I am a big bright lipstick girl, niqab is the safest bet with dark berry shades. Annnnd, although you have to wear it underneath your abaya because it can never be worn as safe hijab, I love this cute little jumper. It is casual and sexy and comfy and soooooooo me:D


Anonymous said...

Just love this!
very nice ;)

Sarita <3

Mardiyyah said...

i dont wear niqab or abaya but i think this outfit is way too flashy for a proper muslimah trying to dress modestly

Pixie said...

Mardiyah: Salaam alaykom. If you are not wearing abaya and are a muslimah inshaAllah you are wearing something that comprises jilbab! As for this blog I am having fun and doing things that would be modest on me. You may wear it the way you choose to. I like raspberry accessories and it would be modest for me. Grey or beige would be modest with the abaya as well for most. Are you saying the abaya itself is not modest, or my accessory choices? What exactly is immodest about it? Colours are halal, and every part of the body that is supposed to be covered is covered, and it isn't an ostentatious show of wealth, and the Prophet S.A.W said we are to dress well to be ambassadors of Islam (and since when is matching immodest?) and to dress in way the would please Allah S.W.T. Allah S.W.T is beautiful and loves beauty but He also loves modesty which is God-conciousness. So if there is something specific I am misunderstanding about what I am supposed to do to correct something, please specify instead of making vague comments. Jazzakallah kheiran sister! Looking forward to your advice.

Pixie said...

Sarita: Me too. The abaya is so pretty.

*~Ange~* said...

i LOVE this abaya!

i have never seen a butterfly abaya ike this before. its sooo nice

Pixie said...

Ange: Yeah, usually the coloured ones are really ugly but the design on this one with the raspberry ribbon made me want to eat it all up.

Sarita said...

Salaam alaykom :)

May I ask for something ?
where do you find the accessories ?


Amsiya said...

wa'alaiki as-Salaam wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu,

Pixie, the brown version of this one has my name all over it! The gold ribbon embroidery is just lovely, masha'Allaah. I think it started with the gold bisht abaya from Abu Haleeqa... ^_~. I want the warda one as well... hehe ^_^.

P.S.: I was thinking Mardiyyah was a brother for a minute... the whole "[I] think this outfit is way too flashy for a proper muslimah trying to dress modestly," preceded by "I don't wear niqab or abaya," just didn't make sense. I understand that everyone has their opinions and are entitled to them, but it just made me scratch my head for a minute...

I could see if it was Lambo Clockwork Orange or that flyin' sauce McFranken Abaya... -_-.