Friday, March 13, 2009

Hijabista Style Steal: Rajaa Alsanea

Nothing Rajaa is wearing technically "matches" but it "goes". Embroidered tunic with traditional work on it, thoroughly modern hijab (which I love but definatly couldn't see myself pairing with anything BUT black cuz it is already so explosive). Simple gold bangle finishes this look off. Start off with tradition in this embroidered jilbab from for $93.90 USD. Add yellow pumps, a zebra ring, and a gold bangle for Rajaa's look, and try this checked square hijab in the same colour palette as Rajaa's from for $10.50 USD . To wrap the Square scarf alot like Rajaa's wrapped her oblong one check out this how-to video


Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum sista pixie
ooh finally! new blog...
ive been waiting lol
sooo u no i've got this folder ive made in my favs an 'everyday folder' lol (i practicly -almost- go evrydy to ur guys blogs), wid urs hijabstyle hegabrehab and thehijablog init. soo now i've added iluvhishma blog too

u dnt seem to hav many comment yet,, but it'll probly be flooded in a while inshallah

soo ive checked out all these posts, buh no link to the iluvhishma brand website

are you gonna be doing sets with their clothes too??

also ive got a request for u:
u no i cum to ur blog like soo much so i contribue to alot of ur views n comment alot too buh it seems like no-one reli bothers to visit my blog, not reli fair is it??

so ppplllllzz sis wud u mind visiting my blog??

even if u dont want to look at it all then at least go onto the REWARD PAGE go on the link and leave a reward,well actually as many as u like


Jaz said...

Wow, I love the scarf!

Anonymous said...

slmz really love your blogs.could you please post some pictures with emarati shaylah stlyes.and how to wrap your scarf using the big claw clip shukran...keep up the good work!....farasha

Pixie said...

Hal: you have so much on your blog that I don't know what to follow LOL:D

Pixie said...

Jaz: Isn't it fun?

Pixie said...

Anonymous: Maybe. I think the style itself might be a sin if the bump is too big or too hight because of the hadith about heads like camels so one must be cautious.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum sis
lol pixie
oh lol if its too much lol then at least this one pge plz visit this is the reward pge i was on about lol:

basically just read that and i think ive explained quite simply there lol but u click on the link given on tht page to post the 'reward' (a dua/hadith/surah etc)

inshallah just go on that link it'll be easier lol

plus i like that balloon sleeve post u did lol, i think i didnt used to like it be4, but now i do lol u no tastes chNGE LOL , it luks quite cool, but i dont have any or worn any and if i follow ur advice it seems that i shudnt lol (im veery small lol , i hve to get smallest size jilbabs lol size 50 here in egnland hehe)

oh yh n about the iluvhishma brand, when will u post sets bout them and when will they have thier site??

Pixie said...

hal786: i just posted my favourite ayah:D

Anonymous said...

yh saw it and commentd back to u about it on my blog
thanks sis!!
btw ur latest set the abaya saudi the pic aint showing up(or mybe its just not showing for me)

Anonymous said...

soz in my last comment i spelt the salam wrong soz