Wednesday, March 11, 2009

STYLE STEAL: Rajaa Alsanea's paisley print orange-and-pink shayla

I LOVE this pashmina oblong hijab worn author Rajaa Alsanea! For a similar look try this scarf for $11.99 GBP. [currently out of stock, you can add your email for an update of when it becomes available]
or try this shayla for $14.99 (choose the pink option). [this one IS in stock]. Jazzakallah kheir Hijab Chique for the awesome hijab links!
Pair with this simple-stitch brown jilbab for $31.99 GBP


Celeritas said...

Jazakallah for mentioning my blog, I certainly don't post as much as you but I still enjoy bloggin away when I can.

It's been so long since I posted those pics, great to see that some of the items are still available.

Pixie said...

Celeritas: You have best scarf links!