Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Allah commanded all the angels bow down before Adam

I am re-posting a question a sister wrote into a Sheikh because I can appreciate his answer.


Q. My dear friend is a very good person, applying her religion, applying her religion and loving to do what is good. However, she has one thing about her: She loves to be distinguished from her friends. For example, in her dress, she likes to be different from the others, while being properly covered, of course. She does not want anyone to be like her [except in the manner of wanting others to have the same piety and love of right action]... However, at the same time, she is not envious against anyone nor does she wish the others would not have such bounties, even if it is more beautiful than what she pocesses. The only thing in the regard she cares about is to be different from the others. Is this envy or arrogance, as we dislike this characteristic of her very much?

A. I do not know what is in the heart of the lady that makes her behave that way. If it is envy, it is forbidden. But envy implies wishing others would lose the bounty they pocess and even working to destroy it. She does not do that. If it is arrogance and having aversion to having other share with her, then it is also forbidden. But the arrogance that is blameworthy is to reject the truth and look down upon other people, that is, belittle them. It does not include liking good clothes for one's self. Verily, Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty. Perhaps she simply likes to be different and have notoriety in her appearence. So one must look to see what is the cause for that. This might just be a part of her character that sets in the heart of some people without there being a forbidden cause behind it. Allah knows best.

-Sheikh Ibn Jibreen

Ange and I were having a discussion: Some people want to fix everybody but themselves. Which is honorable in a sense to me and I admire their attempts to right what they believe is wrong, but it comes across in an acidic rather than salve-ent way, you know what I mean?

A self-confessed screwed-up Muslim taught me more about Islam than any Sheikh I have heard speaking yet, simply because they refused to try and teach me something they were not an example in. When it comes to my hijab I feel fine in my clothes if a. I wearing an overgarment and it is not see-through, b. I am wearing a khimar that covers my chest c. I am not showing off mad wealth or feigning piety and d. the shape of my body is not displayed (including sexy calf curves so I know exactly where things can open with pants, and when a skirt is needed). I WILL NOT wear garbage bag and tell people GOD is a fashion designer and HE made this for me. Allah subhanhu wa ta'ala made even the Angels bow down before Adam? Shouldn't our appearences, our minds, and our souls, always be dressed, either in thought, cloth, faith, or ideas, to befit that honor????????? There is beauty that exists in nature, such as a flower, and there is beauty that exists indoors, such as woman without her khimar and jilbab, but what is the harm in the woman that sees there is beauty in everything that Allah subhanhu wa ta'ala created, even the cloth she might fashion hijab or khimar from (since every fibre of the garment is already preforming sajood to its Creator though we as men may not know its motions or its language) and seeing that within herself, and on her person, and indeed, in everything around her? If that aids her in rememberance of Allah subhanhu wa ta'ala , Allah indeed knows her intention, and forgives her surely, and guides her, if she remembers and strives to honor her creator in ALL things. Prayer is not the only form of worship and remembrance though surely is it is the best. Every kindness, every beauty, if remembered, is praise for Allah subhanhu wa ta'ala, the Most Beautiful, the Most Bountiful, the most Serene and Merciful, and mentioning His name at the sight of His signs is surely a thing that will make one a better Muslim. All Praise is Yours, O Allah, Subhanallah. No one can create even the smallest part of Your creation. La illaha il allah. There is but one Creator. SubhanAllah.


Boxie said...

I like the answer that was given. There is nothing wrong with dressing your style and the muslimah way at the same time. It bugs me when people say you have to dress one way and if you don't you are arrogant or a show off. agh it reminds me of the doll games of yahoo Korea >_<" some of them are just crazy.

Habibti said...

as salamu alaykum
as long as we are well covered, there is no bad in trying to make ourselves unique in our style. personally, i dont like wearing everything every1 wear. thats not because i want to show off because i would wear sometimes stuffs so cheaper. it is just me. but i know i have efforts to do in my clothing. thats why i dont give lessons to people around me about it. i like the Sheikh response too. Allahu Alim.

*~Ange~* said...

nothing wrong with looking good =)

Ammoorraah said...

subanaallah pixe this made me tear, because i am the exact same way as the girl described... i like to be different... i always have even before i started to practice, but i NEVER wanted anything but good for other muslims esp my family and friends, even if it may be more beautiful than what i have i loved it for them, but i have been accuse of being arrogant.. and that hurt me, "your so arrogant because u think ur better" and walahi that has never been the case. u can call me all the names in the book but ARROGANCE is strong. but alhumdulilah i know me, and my heart, and so do my family so oh well!!! to all sisters. be YOU in every way possible and smile at the haters :) they are really the joke!!


Ayan said...

beautiful post, thank you for sharing.