Monday, April 27, 2009

The Bachelorette Party-Done Halal

For those of you who are converts/reverts out there, you may have some old friends out there, from before you were Muslim, hearing that you are about to get married, who want to throw you a bachorlette party. The Western-Style Bachelor or Bachelorette party is a disgusting, awful, degrading thing for a Muslimah, so this of course isn't a possiblity. For the groom the Canadian-affair possibly involves strippers, last-chance flirting with women, excessive alcohal, or even being tied up naked and painted and left hitched to a telephone pole downtown by his friends. For a woman it involves usually girls in matching t-shirts with suggestive things written on them, eating cupcakes with suggestively shaped sprinkles, drinking lots of alcohal and maybe seeing strippers or flirting with men. Occasionally, one of these affairs can even end a marriage before one even begins. Sooooooo.... For those of you looking for a way to end out your single days in a stylish, fun, and wholly Islamic manner we have.... the sleep over henna party!!!!!! Yay! (Believe me, you get to do a hell of a lot less of these once you are married---no one has time anymore).
This party involves sweets, friends in dresses (with pajamas packed), a whole lot of goodies, and henna being done for the bride and anyone else who wants to be painted. After the henna is done and dried the girls can swap for pillows and pajamas. It is also traditional to wax the bride before the henna party in Arabic countries for her upcoming wedding night. At most of these parties I went to the bride usually gives her friends and guests a themed token to remember the event, such as tiny ribbon bracelet to go with her lace themed wedding or ect... They usually aren't expensive, and her bestfriends chip in and buy them with her for everyone. Beats bachalorette t-shirts for me. On these nights, I also make the most delicious virgin-cocktails. Mmmmm. Yum. Try it. You'll love it, and have so much fun.
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Habibti said...

hahah as salamu alaykum i know people who wanted to do the bachelorette party in a strip club. they were supposedly muslim women. and they were tellin me to come. i was like no. and they wee like come have fun. we only get married once. we have to profit one last time before being tied up. whatever

Lisa said...

This looks so sweet. Escpecially the little muffins on sticks. And a lot more fun than any club. Who wants to smell like cigarette smoke and some sort of nasty, cheap male stripper cologne the night before their wedding day anyhow? Love you Pixie.

Inspired Muslimah said...

Great post sis! I love reading stuff like this, keep it coming!

Ammoorraah said...

Salaamualaikum! pixe i love this!!! i have actually been pondering getting married soon, but the men in my community are scarce lol, and ive been planning everything ahead of time!

The whole western idea of a bachealor party is just wierd, 'celebrating' ur last day single, to me means like ur not ready to be comitted and alsooo ur not even single so whats the celebration? lol iiii duno alhumdulilah for islam!

Anonymous said...

i love the 7enna...good posts
south african sis

era said...

My friends and I have been hosting a blend of bridal shower/bachelorette party for last few years. It is more like bridal shower because it is clean, typically hosted in our home with food & girls hanging out. But the gifts given to the bride have bachelorette theme (linger and others like that).

The goal is to prep her for her upcoming wedding by addressing things she will be comfortable speaking with friends only & to let her hangout with friends one last time as if she is single girl.