Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cute "Socks" matched with what I consider halal footwear

Just because "high" high heels are makruh for you Miss Muslimah and you consider your feet part of your awrah, doesn't mean you are lacking in any individuality or means of expressing yourself. Take a look at all these pretty shoes I managed to come up with that, provided they didn't make a horrible clip-clack sound, I would consider them halal for myself (not wasting a tonne of money on them of course).

Black Rose Tights from
for $29.99 USD

Racing Diamond Tights were sold out but I loved them:D

Baby Blue Dots tights from
for $14.99 USD

White Floral Tights from
for $8.00 GBP

Polka-Dot Knee Highs from
for $19.04 CAD

Pink Plaid tights from
for $8.00 GBP

Lotsa Love Little Hearts tights from
for $29.99 USD


Pixie said...

Okay, so maybe the Mickey Mouse shoes might not be 100% halal but I think they're okay since they aren't of a living image. Please correct me sisters if I am wrong with sound daleel:D Though I know there is safer ground to stand on then what I often tread.

Habibti said...

lol whos gonna wear mickey mouse shoes? isnt a mouse an animal? and his friend ducky a duck? lol

Majda said...

THose are really really REALLY cute alternatives. I'd definitely wear those with a pretty black abaya with a girl pattern. : D

Jamaican Hijabi said...

I like these posts on the feet being awrah and those absolutely cute socks, I love having knee high socks/stockings (the opaque ones) in all different colours to coordinate with my outfits :)

Najm-us-Sahar said...

This post was required since a lot of ladies are not aware of feet being awrah.
I have been suffered from this. Alhamdulillah Allah has given me good looking feet and i have noticed that even if i m wearing a full length abaya, people look at my feet first. so i started wearing extra long abaya when i want to wear open sandals or fancy footware otherwise i use to wear socks at work.

Believe me, men can search for the beuty to stare on even if he is looking on a fully covered women :)
so the funny side is, if a man who is lowering his gaze can atleast see women feet (just an observation :) no offence to pious men .........

*~Ange~* said...

the tights are so damn cute. great now for winter here in Aus too

Ayan said...

love it :)

lili said...

thank you sister
jazakallah kheir