Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gamra Abayas: the old collection

More classic gold...
Tribal embroidery that I am soooooooooo wanting. Too bad I can do everything but embroider.
I love this one, it's a classic.
Yellow silk trimmed abaya sleeves with embroidered patterns and stones.
Flower embroidery above elbows on sleeves and stars on slight balloon sleeve. Pattern matches shayla. Tribal flower embroiderery on princess sleeves and shayla. Sleeve detail of the gamra abaya with red embroidery and a slight ruffle at the wrist.
Red embroidery and slight ruffle sleeve at the wrist.
Gold calligraphric curls and swirls abaya with tassels. Sleeve detail.
Mustard yellow silk lined sleeves with silk ruched bullions above the gather at the elbow.
Detail of silk rosettes and crystal pattern on the yellow silk trimmed sleeve abaya.
Tassel-trimmed abaya with a slight balloon to the whole sleeve, and a classic front. I like these ones because they look great with niqab and never really go out of style in the Gulf (because Beduoin women LOL never stopped wearing the like).
Gamra abaya with 5aleeji tribal print bell sleeves and red silk lining. Back detail of the tribal print one.
To view the new collection, follow this link: Gamra~قمرة


Majda said...

I love this line... I don't know if I should order from them though. I wonder if anyone else has...

Pixie said...

Majda: they are safe to order from. I haven't personally but I know alot of Europeans who have.

Habayeb said...

I wish they had an english section..i can understand the order form though...and where are the prices mentioned?

American Muslima Writer said...

These are very beautiful I love embroidery though the loud one near the end was garish lol. But As I LOVE RED those red were my fav hehehe. The stars too!