Monday, April 27, 2009

Kinda Random Cupcake

I just liked this abaya. Has anyone tried this site The prices seem too good to be true so I'm being wary... Let me know if you did order and how it went!


kakchik said...

nice.... but not really my taste

Pixie said...

kakchik: I warn you then, I am always a sucker for colourful floral embroidery:D

*~Ange~* said...

so my taste! love it! i might check it out!

Ammoorraah said...


I love that abaya mashaallah if any one gets it please say so here so i can check out the site!!, also i wanted to let all of u know i ordered from and the site is 100% legit!!! i ordered my stuff, measurments were correct, fabric was excellent, it was affordable and it came all the way from egypt!!! mashaallah,

also pixie, do u know any good sites i can order cheap niqabs from? i wanted to order one that only goes across my face, not tie to my forhead. if so please let me know sis!! jazakaallahu khair, wa salaamauaikum warahmatuaallah!