Saturday, April 18, 2009

how to seach for Islamic clothing on ebay

Alot of us use ebay for finding that affordable, coolest-ever abayaat or jalibiyia, but it can be hard to envision the best party or day out outfit from shotty online pictures. Ladies, use your imagination... Here are is a random set I made from items available online on ebay (some are old so good luck finding the item). I always search using the keywords black abaya, abaya, jilbab, jalibiyia, caftan, and takchita. If you have any other keywords that turn up wonders, share them here:D


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum pixie
on my hal786 blog im doing this new thhing called hitla

so i need a lotta info about difrent islamic topics..about hijab and stuff i know that u had alot of stuf on beautifulmuslimah
n also tht post im sure u rote about fiance is still ur non-mahram or sumthin...u see i need stuff about islamic relationships and about modesty ...but uve closed ur other do i get access to it??
i'll be waiting for ur answr inshallah!!
take care sis

Pixie said...

Hal786: BM is private only for myself now--- not open to anyone else but I will be re-posting all the fashion stuff here inshaAllah. And a finace is not a maharam until one is married simply because the Prophet S.A.W and Qu'ran name all the people one is maharam too, and not until after the nikah does a fiance become maharam. A fiance might not work out all the way to the nikah so hemight not end up being a maharam, and so one is committing a sin and thus leaving a successful marriage up for a harraam beginning.

Anonymous said...

thanks for that bit of info bout the fiance thing...i no u had posts aside from fashion that had islamic info in them..i dont need the fashion set ones its those other ones..well inshallah if u cud get me some of them like email me at 786hal at googlemail dot com
or i'll hve to wait till u repost it all..will u be reposting the other stuf which i want??like the ones that arent fashion sets???for the modesty bit ive got this site(dont worry i'll inshallah nme ur blog when writing about the stuff if i use info from ur blog)..well jazakallah and if u cud gime the full posts then tht wud b gr8

Candice said...

I would love to buy something on ebay, but I need something like a slim size 62 and there's not much at that length, and especially not in my needed width... I don't know if there's any hope for me ebay shopping for abayas...

To hal786: I think you're talking about this post (I think it was originally by Lazeena too.

Inspired Muslimah said...

Very nice sets sis. You always find the cutest sets!

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum candice..jazakallah sis!!thats the one i was lukin 4!!thank u so much 4 givn me the link!!