Thursday, April 9, 2009

Suitcase Stylings: Capetown Sophisticate

Jilbab from for $67.49 USD.

I love the wideleg trousers featured in this Vogue set shot in Timbuktu. This is how I was dressed for the majority of my stay in Oman. I found it to be a modest respectful style for a non-muslim, to cover my hair with a hat and wear long loose pants. Jazzakallah kheiran all the women and men of Oman, who were respectful enough about my dress to let me learn how to love theirs! [What I don't like about this Vogue shoot is the Colonial overtones of say, that man carrying her purse in the background, or bits of the accompanying article---brilliant photographs though, and Liya Kebede is my favourite model].


Chica said...

amazing shot though- the composition and so on... which vogue is this from?

Anonymous said...

hey sister are you from south africa?

American Muslima Writer said...

Are you sure he's holding her purse? She's holding a bag... maybe he's just walking along behind her to feature his cool turban?

Lol anywas tho this is a beautful set I love the color and the hijabniqab wrap style. bag is great too. Oooh and earings i love earings!

Boxie said...

I wona go to timbuktu. All the time iv said i'll kick your bum to timbuktu I think i should go. Also i heard there was an interesting book collation there.