Thursday, May 7, 2009

by request: Meerah's dusty rose jilbab

Jana over at her blog put together this look a long time ago. All I've changed from her set is the shoes and I've added a niqab. Meerah, if I find a plainer abaya of a similiar shade I'll edit this post and add it here so keep checking this post.

Sommia abaya £44.95, Alkaram Direct; silk pashmina £14.99, Scarf World; gem clutch bag £12, Debenhams; carved flower ring £7, Dorothy Perkins; flats, Lanvin; Niqab for $15.99 USD.

Meerah's Inspiration: a munaqaba from Bosnia, pictured below


Amina said...

Niqabees in Bosnia have a hard time. My country (yes I am Bosnian) is in between east and the west and Muslims, although an integral part of Bosnia, are at a crux of change and many find themselves as outsiders in their own country for trying to follow and obey Allah swt. Hijabees are less scrutinized but munaqabats...a whole different story. It is almost impossible for them to obtain gainfull employment and when they do they are harshly criticized and taunted (which they are anyway just walking down the street). Those who critizez hijabees and niqabees use a following argument: it is not befitting a woman in 21st century to wear 'that' on her head. Bosnia is trying to enter EU and with "you" walking down the street it appears that we are an opressive government and still in the Ottoman Empire era.

Pray for us.

Aalia said...

Asalaamu `alaikum

Subhan Allah, I was just gonna say what Amina already commented... May Allah ta`ala help the Bosnian people who strive in His cause.


Pixie said...


Meerah said...


JazakAllah khair, sister! Thank you so much, it's a lovely set. :-)

Habibti said...

and for the tunisian people too, i learned that hijabi are afraid to go out with their hijab because the policemen or even normal citizens may take off their hijab in the streets. and the young men who go to the mosques are monitored. there are policemen who stay at the entrances of mosques, and when a young man or woman comes, they are told to go back home. Astahfiroulah mAy Allah give them Sabr

Ayan said...

mashAllah I love the look!! Who would have thought a light shade of brown and pink would look beautiful together.

Ameen to the dua!!

HijabCHic said...

As salam alaykum!

Niqabees are really having a hard time in the West... Probably because people don't understand why do women cover their faces.

Anyways, great set! :)