Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BY REQUEST: Niqab with glasses

Cairogirl asked for tips on how to wear sunglasses with niqab without looking like Darth Vader. Step one is find a niqab with a little wider of a slit, the kind that shows a bit of where your temples are.

Stay with smaller square frames and frames in different colours than your niqab generally look best (or black frames lined with pink---like my glass frames). If wearing reading glasses opt for a stringless niqab because the string will show---- and it doesn't matter with sunglasses cuz they are tinted dark so you can stick with a nose string if that is your fave niqab style.

If you are going to go big, go with a funky shape. Boxie has big pink metal rimmed aviators, and I DO have a pair of kids heart sunglasses. I'll try and make a vid with one of the mannequins to truly show the style. The great big giant round frames we love for hijabs alone can work to, but they do make one look a little robotic. Whatever you do, don't do medium sized ROUND frames with niqab. It looks goofy. Unless that's the look you are going for....


Amina said...

I used to have heart shaped frames. hihihihi

ummu qais said...

assalamu alaikum, my name ummu qais from indonesia. like ur blog. btw, do u accept by request?my hubby bought me a skirt. its pretty, but i think its way tooo expensive for just a skirt, i can get nice abaya with the price. and i think its kinda waste(well,not really) if i only wear it in da house, so would u willing to set me this skirt so i can wear it going out.
the skirt color is khaki, it has simple embroidery on the low part. oh, i'm niqabi btw, and i only have big khimar (the length reach my heaps). and i hope it all quite modest, coz usually i wear almost plain abaya all the time i go out.
sorry i post a long one, and do forgive my english if it sound screw, haha never use english but in school, n thats a long time ago.
ummu qais

SAHM4Islam said...

Hi Pixie. This is so funny, I have been too scared for years to wear sunglasses for fear of looking like Cousin It from the Adams family. So thanks for the tip of staying away from round frames even in its in style.

I love the 'eyedea'(ok thats goofy right) of heart shaped or funky color sunglasses and and I do usually love the look of colored frames especially on black niqaab.

Also to prevent clashing with other colors I once platinum color metal frames with funky green&yellow plastic temple but alas they broke :(