Saturday, May 9, 2009

Eid Outfit: Option Number One for Pixie

One option for my possible Eid outfit, this piece of loveliness. I know, its too early for Eid, and this dress isn't even on sale yet. Yikes at the price tag. But last year, I hated trying to think about fashion during Ramadaan, and my Eid order was too late and came after Eid so this year I am being all Martha Stewart and on the ball, plus, I am going to be in the Gulf for Eid, inshaAllah, so planning is important. Should I wait and let you help me pick out Eid clothes Aalia? Or do you like this one.


HIjabChic said...

As salam alaykum!
I love the dress, it's very beautiful :)

sabrina said...

pretty;) yeah, Eid is really far away, but it's cute that you're so excited about it that you're already planning your outfit;)

Aalia said...

Hmm... I think you should wait to come to Abu Dhabi where we can hit the *real* clothe stores, not just depend on an on-line company!!

Maybe it's the pessimism I have towards Artizara (u know the story) or maybe I'm just excited to take y'all thru my fave Islamic dress places in Abu Dhabi!!!


Boxie said...

yay we get to go cloths shopping for Eid! I will start putting money aside now.

Aalia said...

Pindz like only has $5 and some buttons saved up :-P

*rofl* JK girl u know i luv uu <3

Amina said...

I apsolutely LOVE their new clothes...ahhh where were these dresses when I was getting married three years ago? I am sooooooooooooo pissed :-)