Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jazzakallah Kheiran Ladies for Advice About Airports


Amina said...

Sister, subhanAllah, I travel all over (and Netherlands also through the Amsterdam) and nowhere, and I mean NOWHERE, is a hijabi sister MADE to take her hijab off. Niqab, I dont know---maybe, but her hair covering not!!!!!! Do not fear. If an insensitive customs personnel ask you to remove your hijab refuse, politely and explain why. If they still insist ask to speak with a supervisor. I was just recently traveling to Germany, Slovenia, Croatia...Bosnia and nobody asked me to take my veil at neither one of these airports. If anything, they were polite and respectfull to the fullest extent. Even my plain ticket was canceled by mistake (not mine though) and everything was treated with the utmost urgency. Fear not, inshAllah. I even traveled with my hijab to the south of USA and nobody as much as looked at my ID. They ID'ed more my black Jamaican partner (I was on bussines) than me.

Jaz said...

I've traveled through Amsterdam Schiphol (if that's the airport you are talking about) quite a few times, with hijabi women and nobody has had to take their scarves off (at least not that I have seen as we go through security).

Melissa said...

I have traveled internationally, various airports in the US, and I've been to the airports in Germany and the Istanbul airport, with no problems at all.
I think most of the personnel are used to it, and it's no problem.

I was worried I might set off a metal detector with my pins, or that they wouldn't allow pins on the plane, but it was ok!

Suslique said...

salam aleykum!

i've been there in 2007 and no one said anything about my hijab :)