Saturday, May 23, 2009

How to Use Traditional Indian/Pakistani Clothes As Hijab

In the first pic, the sister is using a long sleeved sea-green salwar kameez suit and has paired it with a greyish hijab that matches quite well, and has wound the dupatta around her salwar kameez and pinned it into a lovely shaped, wound around her body so it shows off no cuves (it isn't jilbab to me but you certainly can pray in it). The second pic the woman is wearing a long sleeved top and a hijab cap and underscarf in a shade that matched her sari, and she hwas wrapped the sari around so that it also covers her head. MashaAllah this look is so pretty, and if made of inexpensive fabric, it is a jilbab to me.
In the first bottom pic the sister is wearing traditional pakistani (Desi) jewelry with a black hijab cap and she has styled her dupatta over top (notice how it covers all her hair and neck AND chest?!). Salat, inshaAllah would be accepted in this. In the second bottom pic the sister is wearing a flowy Indian skirt with a long loose non-see-through Kurta top and her hijab covers her chest. Because of the looseness of the outfit, I could consider it could act as jilbab, since I believe piece are allowed to make up the clothing prescribed for us in the Qu'ran, and that they do not have have to be a single garment.

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kakchik said...

I love all of it! Nice styles and I would agree that they can be use for prayer. Covers perfectly.