Friday, May 15, 2009

How to Wear Hijab Video for Sports: Hockey

LOL, okay, brought to you maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaainly by Boxie, we bring you this very Canadian feature.... how to wear hijab for.... Hockey.

What you'll need is cotton hijab cap, some extra long stick pins, a hockey helmut, and a pashmina.


Pixie said...

Boxie: Ahaha your crazy hats! LOL, wearing it on niqab that way reminds me of a sparkly squid!---not the hockey hijab but your crazy take on the niqab:P

Coffee Catholic said...

Keep your hijab on the ice, eh? LOLOL!!!!!!!!! Hockey Hijab!?!?! You just crack me UP!!

asmaa said...

salam alaykum sister.. hhaha what was really... something... hahah. i dont even have words for it, but i guesss its good to know how to do it if a hijabi ever decides to play hockey and still want to be modest while being safe at the same time haha.. you´re funny !!!

Ayan said...

mashAllah, love the fact that the front of the helmet becomes your under scarf (cap).

Yeah Canadian hockey!!

Anonymous said...

Awww this is awesome, I used to play hockey in a hijab too!

Whoooot Canada!