Friday, May 15, 2009

How to Wear Hijab Video: Loose Qatari Wrap with/or without Earrings

Brought to you by Pixie from ILOVEHISHMATHEBLOG and Boxie from the blog (if you don't listen to music turn the little Gaelic music box at the bottom of the page off:D), how to to tie hijab video featuring the Qatari wrap.

The Qatari wrap style lets you show your earrings if you wish to without showing your ears or neck. You will need a tube underscarf (al-amira hijab) or another hijab worn underneath for coverage (I often wear a turkish hijab or another shayla), a long Sheila, and multiple stick pins.

Steps: 1.) put on the al-amira or other scarf. 2.) if you are going to be wearing earrings stick them in now and see that the al-amira hijab covers most of the ears---a little still peeks out and that's why this hijab style itself is not in my books halal 3.) take a long shayla (oblong hijab) and fold it slightly over itself before draping on the head as demonstrated in the vid 4.) place the folded shayla centered on the head so a bit drapes over the head 5.) take on end and pin UNDER the wrap instead of on top 6.) take over end and pin underneath lower on the head 6.) secure a stick pin through the back, a pin on the left side behind the drapey fold, and a stick pin on the right side behind the drapage, to secure it against the breeze.

Viola, the second layer completely shadows the ear but long chandelier earrings peek out on the very bottom. Now, if you don't believe earrings themselves are halal (since this stylde doesn't compromise ANYTHING that must be covered by the majority scholar's view) then you also shouldn't be wearing stick pins, if that is your belief about ornamentation. In my veiw, the only problem with earrings is when girl's compromise their hijabs to wear them. I know someone had written me about the earrings styles often showcased on ARTIZARA's website and I don't think they are halal (this is the under layer of a hijab wrap for me, not the finished quotient) as they often leave a neck gap and ALWAYS leave bits of the ear exposed. So this style is my solution. LOL, I bet ya'll cannot wait until I come up with a halal way to wear earrings as a niqabi , right?:D


Aalia said...


I was laughing so hard but with a smile on my heart -- as soon as I saw Pindsay's hockey helmut I was like "WHAAAAT OMG!!" because she said before she was gonna do it but I didn't know she actually would X-D

Nice vid, BTW!! And look out for my new Ghashwa one introducing Vali!!!

Aalia said...


Don't worry, I'll make another one when Vali comes over during the day time!!!

Majda said...

This is how I normally wear my scarf. :3

Ayan said...

lol love the helmet!! :D
Totally informative, thanks for sharing with us!!<3

lianne said...


pls pls pls keep making these vids! i love them and need help!
i hope to wear this hijab like that!

Ws lianne

Nabilah said...

Hi, this is Nura and I love your video. I saw it because you mentioned Qatari style and here I am-in Qatar. Honestly, I don't think that style prevails much here, but when I first saw the mask thing you are wearing I thought "WOW, and thought some of the local ladies were very hard core about covering!" Don't know the whole story, but glad to know there IS one:)

I am new to hijab, and only started wearing full time in the last month. I reverted nearly 4 months ago. I am enjoying learning on your blog and eager to discover if I will ever be able to do as the locals-readjust and firm up their hijab without looking or revealing while they do it!!

Now I am hoping to find an article address what I and others refer to as "hijab hair" real soon. I am fine with not looking great to mankind at large, but when I get home and take off the hijab-I want to look beautiful for my husband. And my pre-Islam hair is short, straight and fine. It hasn't turned into a gorgeous mass of hair like I know exists in Arabia. I'm still Irish:) Help!