Friday, May 15, 2009

How to Wear Hijab Video: Saudi Shayla Style

ILOVEHISHMA'S how to wear hijab videos. Today's feature is what I call the "Saudi Sheila Style" with and without niqab. Hope that you all enjoy, inshaAllah. Brought to you by Pixie and Boxie.

FOR THE SHAYLA STYLE you will need a long shayla, 4 stick long pins, and a tube under scarf (al-amira hijab).

FOR THE FEATURED STYLE WORN WITH NIQAB you will need one flip niqab, a long shayla, and 4 stick pins.


Basha said...

is it my emagination or do you canadian girls sound alike. just watched your friend aalias GHASHWA video and couldnt help but notice you both have the same tone and manner of speaking.

cool :)

Majda said...

Oh gawd, thanks. I've been trying to figure out how to do this for weeks.

alya said...

hello pixie and boxie!

i loved the video. thank you for putting it up!

by the way, just a piece of advice. try not to use similar colors for the alamira, the shayla and the niqab when demonstrating the tutorial. use different colors so its more clear what goes where. and because the video is a little dark, and the pieces were black, i had a little trouble figuring out what was going on.

use different colors! it doesnt matter if it doesnt match, cos the final piece (the right manequinn) already displays the beautiful style!

Ayan said...

MashAllah, I love this style!! I've seen other sisters with this style before but never seem to figure out how they did it. Anyways, just subscribed to your channel so keep up the great work! :)

btw Basha I did not notice an accent but maybe because I'm a Canadian too, oh well.

eyes serene too lazy to log in said...

Assalamu alaikom,
It looks pretty but I'm having trouble seeing because it's a black scarf you are styling in front of your black outfit. :)

Umm S said...

salam 3laykom

im an avid reader of this blog and your prev one mashaAllaah

gotta say, great tut

sis i was wondering if it would be possible for me to contact you via email?

jazakiallaahu khayr

Umm S

Zaenab said...

ohh i love this style, great videos :D

kakchik said...

Assalamualaikum pixie,

Thanks for demontsrating this style. I love it especially when you put the niqab on. I've been trying it this morning and I think I succeeded and looks good.