Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How to wear a two-toned niqab video


Dear sisters, I do recommend you do this style with a pashmina a light non-see-through shayla instead of piece of see-through lace because the Prophet sallalahu allahi wa sallam did say that see through clothing was to be one of reasons women would be in Jahanum (hell). Much love to ya`ll for the sake of Allah subhanhu wa ta`ala!

****In the video this sister mentions make-up being halal. This sister is correct, the Prophet`s wives did wear eye-liner, but not mascara (the Prophet sallalhu alahi wa salaam never went on about the health benefits of mascara-he did with kohl), so it is halal to wear kohl since one of the companions was also of the opinion that this was allowed to show on a woman, but remember, they did not line their eyes into cat`s eyes, they applied the kohl to the inner rim of their eyes, and when they left their home, they only had one eye showing, not two, in their jilbab, may Allah be pleased with them. They pulled the jilbab so it covered everything of their bodies but what was necessary to see the way. On the status of daleel, it is halal to wear, but safer not to is the consensus of the ulema. Allah subhanhu wa ta `ala knows best. I personally feel fine with modest make up, since some of the companions were of the opinion that this was allowed to show. Others were not, so both opinions to me are valid. Crazy party sexy make up make-up though, ruins the WHOLE point of hijab, so bear that in mind.


wnorhaslina said...

Salam from Malaysia.

Eloquence said...

Salam Alikom

i know that some people say no this is for guys only to wear kohl, would you be able to bring a hadith that states the view that the prophet's wives wore it?

Sama said...

quit trying to be all like your girl pal AALIA with the word 'YALL'

b original

Pixie said...

Sama: oh be quiet LOL. I said ya'll waaaaaaaaaaay back on my first post of BM. I say it IRL because my stepdad is Texan and I've always teased my Mum by saying ya'll. It's part of my vocab and I never picked it up from Aalia. The only word I've got in my vocab from Aalia is "lamers" to decribed retarded guys that like to stalk girls. Pleaaase don't talk about what you don't know, no offense meant.

Pixie said...

Eloquence: I've posted this a billion times on BM and inshaAllah will eventually repost the makeup stuff when i've got more time on ILOVEHISHMA (it's a long post). But it comes to when the Companions are describing what is what shows by necessity. And some of the Companions were of the opinion that the eye/kohl eye rim were permissable to show. Aisha R.A wore it all the time when not on Hajj but she did cover almost completely (only one eye uncovered) when she went out. So she covered even more than a normal niqab covers. That where the scholars ruling comes that it should only be worn around non-maharams. It isn't haraam to wear it, by scholarly consensus, but most regard it as makruh. Not as many as do high heel shoes though!

Pixie said...

Eloquence: oops! Wa alaykom e salaam ramatullah wa barakto.

Aalia said...

I got "y'all" from of those crazy hip-hop songs that perma-fried my brain X-D

Aalia said...

P.S. Maybe they didn't say if mascara was halal or not because *it wasn't invented back then*?? (or was it cuz I know the ancient Egyptians used a wide variety of cosmetics??)

Just a thought :-)

BTW the hadith in question was by Ibn `Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) who said the only things permissible for a woman to have shown are her rings and eye-liner -- but there are some people who will question if it's a weak hadith. PLUS, he also once said in another narration that a person in a state of ihram may wear kohl, man OR woman.

Now, I have no problem wearing kohl just because I know my niyyah (intention) is not to look attractive to MEN; but I don't know anyone else's heart... Unless I ask them but I'm not gonna go up to a random person and be like, "so, do uu wear kohl to look nice for other men or do uu do it just for yourself?"


VintageGothMuslim said...

oh wow! that's me! lol. i was searching for "cute niqab" and i saw my face and got really angry at first until i saw that it was your blog! thanks for the feature.


Sahara-Henna said...

salam alaykum wr wb
the sister who made tht video, she just left islam. she made a video in youtube in which she tells tht she left us.
i dont get this wallah. i could scream.
we must get her back b4 its too late!!!