Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I have shopper's block: hot pink niqab with florals???

When I am done featuring these sets you ladies can have a vote for me on my sidebar. This is option number two: I have always loved the look above. Unfortunately for me, no online hijab store sells a hot pink niqab. Lots of them do shaylas though, such as this one http://www.hijabstoreonline.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2185 for $4.95 GBP, or this one http://www.forever21.com/heritage1981/product.asp?catalog_name=forever21&category_name=acc&product_id=1059785189&cookie_test=1 for $7.90 USD. Or if I bought this jilbab from http://www.muslimahessentials.com/stylish-two-layer-jilbab-79-p.asp for $18.95 GBP I could always just used the shayla the abaya comes with. Of course, I don't trust most shaylas that come with abayas to sit on my head properly, so I would buy a cap like this http://www.muslimbase.com/product_info.php?products_id=1883&Znid=j26v3u7l6o1uhpdjmg91crob15 for $1.99 GBP to keep it from slipping. Unless I wear a light floral coat over top, or a flowery jubah (shirt meant to be worn over an abaya/jilbab) I might feel like I have overdosed on pink. Besides, I am a girl on the go, and I like to have the ease of a flip niqab. Most wrap styles are too difficult to eat under. I like flips because I can snack. And if I start wearing niqab, I still want to go out with my husband... soooooo, my option is if I purchase the hot pink jilbab, I have to sew myself a hot pink or floral niqab out of a mall scarf. So a mall scarf costs $20.00 CAD or under and the jilbab with its matching shayla costs $32.87 +shipping in CAD dollars, for a total of $52.87 +time and effort of maybe two hours.

And if you are wondering why I care to make my outfits and niqab as least threatening to the local public in my city as possible is a. in the first place I intend to wear niqab for Allah subhanhu wa ta'ala, but b. I don't want people to glare down my husband because of how I am dressing. He has his own style, I am I waaaaaaayyy more traditional. When it comes to furniture, Islamic hijab, (I mean, he's support me wearing head-to-toe bright lime green if I wanted to ALL the time so long as it was hijab). I am perfectly happy wearing beiges, chocolates, white, and black, but people tend to think that in these bits of clothing that I have no choice, and that my husband dresses me. And then they see his personal style (all parts of his skin covered but in western men's clothing) and me in a traditional black abaya and shayla (which he groans when I don all black but he loves the fact that I wear abaya and khimar of my own accord) they give him a look that could kill.

K, guys, I think my husband looks killer handsome in a thobe too, but he hates thobes, and me forcing him to wear one WOULD be like him forcing me to wear niqab or a hooter's t-shirt, which he doesn't on either accord, and couldn't even if he thought niqab was wajib or hijab was not part of the religion, and he doesn't---on either accord.

I like my husband's style, even if it can be loud, cuz I can be that way too, and it's just us. His head is always covered (but not by a ghutra or kufi---by a fedora), and I think its cute that he likes dressing up like an updated version of my World War II pilot Grandpa (and that they use the same aftershave), the way he thinks it's cute that I like overhead black abayas paired with gold mask birqas like his Saudi grandma. The only difference is, if I dressed like his grandma does here they might hurt him (one of the neo-nazi freaks), and if he dresses in a thob here and me in a normal western girl from my age group's clothes, they'd still hate him, because he'd totally look like a hypocrite. So either way is a lose lose for him, unless people can see I am having fun with maintaining my religious beliefs, the same way they realized I love and have choice in my abayas. Sooooooooooooo, that's sort of why I am using colours ya'll wouldn't expect, because this is a smaaaaaaaaaalllllll city I live in, and once the majority of people get used to something in a good way, they accept it, and get over themselves, and treat you nice. And stop giving the evil eye to my husband.


OurAdviceTooTheWomen said...

okayyy sooo i just have to say I LOVE THE GOLD MASKED NIQABS TOO and i have been DYING to get my hands on one and cant find them ANY where online :(!!!!

If u happppeen to know please tell me inshaallah lol (online i doubt id be making it to the gulf anytime soon)

Great post!! i love the niqab. so i think do what ever ur most comfortable in of course in the guidelines of hijab. may allah make it easy for u and reward u was well sis! (ameen)

Maymuna said...

Salaamu 3alaykum. Lime green? Dude that would be crazy!!! Reminds me of a abaya I saw in photos from Dubai fashion week (08 or 07). I've worn hot pink, white and a flaming orange niqabs. Well they aren't niqabs, theyre hijabs. Hard to explain. I'll send you photos. Its really simple to do. I love your posts. I was following you and Alix and Pocahontas and a couple others for the longest time till everything all the blogs got blocked and you needed to be approved to view the blogs. And I lost track o_O .

But yeah, keep doing what you're doing. May Allaah put barakah in all you do. Ameen.