Saturday, May 9, 2009

I LIKE: i recently bought this dark brown niqab....

I recently bought this Two Piece Velcro Niqab (Dark Chocolate) for $10.99 USD from Sunnah (which is a site I know and trust). I intend to pair it with this old Imaan jilbab I bought a while back. If I don't end up wearing the niqab I'll probably just pair it with this cute hijab for $19.99. I can't wear head to tow brown with niqab else I end up looking like a Catholic friar that lives down the road from me. I like orange with it, though I'd find ruffled flats or something.

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Safiya Dafiya said...

salaam aleikum... I actually found out about SunnahStyle from your old blog. If it wasn't for your positive comments about them, I wouldn't have ordered. Especially after essenceofblack sucked up $600.00 of my US Dollars :( SunnahStyle is the best site EVER. I have a testimonial on their site now that mentions your old blog, lol.

I went looking for an entry of yours that I had bookmarked... where you were customizing your sunnahstyle abaya, but it says your blog is private. Is there a way you can make that particular entry available? I really like your blogging, keep it up inshaAllah.