Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i love these gloves

I love to wear gloves (purely as a fashion accessory). I don't think they have ANYTHING to do with hijab of the sunnah. To me, they really ARE a cultural thing, but I don't look down on anyone who claims to be wearing them for Islamic purposes, because hey, I think gloves are pretty. Alot of the Turkish hijab styles use them to great effect. I'd pair these pink ones with light pinks, golds, pastel shades of yellow, and of course black. From for $6.80 USD.

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AnonyMouse said...

lol... I have purple gloves kinda like that - purple lace, short and fingerless. Also just bought a pair of full-length fingered black lace gloves from Aldo Accessories! I also have my punky full-length black fingerless gloves, from Claire's - I generally wear them if I'm wearing short sleeves or have henna on my hands, to cover up my arms in case my 'abaayah sleeves fall back when I'm reaching for something. Practical AND cool.