Friday, May 1, 2009

Jum'a Wear-an olive jilbab from spring to fall

Sunny day walking to the masjid....
Rainy day walking to the masjid. Only thing missing from this collage is my umbrella. And of course I am not wearing the nail polish if I am praying that day, duh. But I needed something to fill in the composition. Forgive.
Olive jilbab from for $45.00 USD. Matching olive triangle/turkish hijab for $8.00 USD. Matching olive headband niqab for $8.00 USD. I like to pin my hijab and niqab a certain with with cute brooches. Butterfly crystal broach from


Inspired Muslimah said...

I love the color!

Pixie said...

Inspired Muslimah: me too!

Najm-us-Sahar said...


yeah very nice color. and that little maxy in the first pic if too good :)