Saturday, May 23, 2009

Olympic Hijabi

Today my work plays host to the Olympic torch and a gold medalist (they are a big sponsor) so this is pretty much what I am going to be wearing, beige abaya with a matching sari worn over top, and a crown of flower pins stuck along the top of my head, and gladiator sandals, of course:D

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Anonymous said...

im asian as u probly no by now lol
i wear shalwar kameez under jibab, never worn sar before but wondered how to wear it in a halal way cuz they're usually half sleeved.

so in your case was your jilbab like the undergarment and the sari the jilbab??i dunno if that makes sense lol but was that what you did??? thats really cool! but wasnt it hot in that??

Pixie said...

Hal: I wore the jilbab as a base. I didn't find it hot at all but wear I live isn't that hot yet.