Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pink Niqab Looks

Imaan collections had this taffetta pink party concoction with a matching niqab, perfect for the munaqaba attending mixed weddings (my family is non-muslim so I get these)---unfortunately they were sold out in my size.MashaAllah, I love the way this sister has pinned her pashmina into a niqab. It'd be too hot for me too handle, but it looks smashing. And modest.This is a pink elastic half niqab. Very pretty, and way more practical/breathable for someone like me. The only problem for me is, most elastic half niqabs sold online are pretty cheap, and the elastic stretch out too much so they don't last very long.
Cute munaqaba sister walking in the Tuillerie Jardin in Paris, France. I love her tie up niqab and the pretty pink paisley pashmine she has matched with it. Me, I'd wrap it in the pashmina, but it it easy to take it on and off if you want the ease of puting it on the outside of the wrap.
A niqab pose with a silk scarf. Feasable, perhaps if pinned right. I still prefer to wear a pretty cap underneath if wearing it this way, to cover my eye brows. This COULD be made tooo sexy with a glance or a tonne of eye make up.Such as in the Hollywood version here. If less of the face were showing the eye make up wouldn't be so alluring, so you gotta be careful my niqabi sistas. Still the way the scarf is wrapped is very pretty.
More movie pink hijab.... I'd wear it too a mixed wedding with less make up if I could somehow wrap the scarf so I have access to my mouth. I want to be able to eat some wedding cake too! The colour is pretty but I am not a fan of the crystal drop things on a niqab. It would be too flashy/belly dancer for me personally. I would feel like a chandelier. I really do like this one. I want a pink flip niqab. Paired with a floral abaya? Fab.
Cape Horn fashion show in Africa featuring a pink jilbab with a plain black flip niqab.
Morrocan take on the pink niqab look: a pink djellaba and black gashwa/boushiya with a straw hat and morrocan leather slippers. Another look that is PURELY not for me. WHAT is that thing made of? The stuff they make those toilet seat covers out of? Fluffy sock material. I am sorry, but this one, made me giggle.
Using a dupatta like a boushiya/gashwa.
Pretty stripes. A photographer playing around with a "niqab" and a non-muslim model. Very typical.These a non-muslim Japanese girls so sisters, they can be forgiven, but if you are munaqaba, there is no such thing as hair hanging out with niqab, k? LOL, get the khimar right before moving on. Hope you enjoyed my image search finds:D


Amirah said...

Salam walaikum Pixie! I love the picture of the woman in front of Nordstrom, but you know, I don't think that it is a flip-back niqab, because the "slits" go almost to her ears. If I had to guess, I would say she is doing it in a way that I like to play around with (this works best with LIGHT shaylas)
1. Fold a shayla in half horizontally (hamburger style lol). One side (either right or left) will be open, the other closed.
2. Take the left upper corner and the right upper corner, and tie them in a knot at the back of your head. It should cover the bottom half of your face, like a niqab. It also works best if your hair is in a medium/low bun, and you put the knot on top of it.
3. Flip the top layer of the shayla covering your face over your head, adjust it so that however much you want to show is showing (this is really good for covering the eyebrows) and you're done!

*One side (either the right or left) will be more open than the other, but it's easy to fix - just safety pin it! This isn't something you would want to wear all day, because the knot can slip down sometimes, but it is perfect for running to the store or something like that, especially in hot weather, because it is such a breezy style!

Also, I know that there is a sister on youtube (I don't remember her username though) who has a bunch of niqab tutorials! I love the idea of using a shayla as a niqab, it gives you so many more options for patterns and colors. :-)

Maryam said...

I'm a big fan of pink niqabs!

They are so pretttty ;D

Coffee Catholic said...

I so want the pink flip niqab!! Where do you find coloured niqab? All that I can find are black, brown, and olive. :-|

Coffee Catholic said...

AMIRAH!! You might have just saved me from starting to hate my shaylas. I'll have to try what you're saying here... if I understand it right...

Coffee Catholic said...

Amirah ~ just an idea, but, do you think it would help to keep the shayla-niqab in place if you ran a hat pin through your bun?? I do that with my hijabs ~ I run a hijab pin trough the base of my pony tail and cap the end and viola! It doesn't slip back.

Coffee Catholic said...

Please don't hate me for commenting again!! I just wanted to give a report from the field...

I made a niqab out of my blue sparkly shayla. Amirah is a genius! It worked but it's flimsy. I can see that I'll need to invest in some small safety pins ~ once that won't be as obvious as the HUGE ones I'm using now LOL! Once I can use small safety pins it won't be flimsy.

I've run a hijab pin through the base of my pony tail and that is helping to anchor things a bit better. The top isn't slipping back so much now.

I'm not sure about the back slipping down yet.

This is SO FAB! Now I have 101 things I can do with all of my shaylas besides snarling at them while struggling to get them to sit right.

Ok, I have this King Tut kinda thing going on ~ the sides are flared out around my head like a cobra. Is that normal??

Woohoo! You've made my hijab night! I'm going to be up late taking pictures so I can post them on my hijab blog LOL! Goodnight!!!

P.S, Amira, do you mind if I post a photo tutorial of this on my blog? I'll give the kudos to you!

I wouldn't mind adding a few authors that could make hijab tutorials and share hijab ideas. I'm too clueless to do that myself. And I have nooooo fashion sense LOL! Let me know if any of you are interested!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE pink niqabs! I mean, I have never seen someone wear one in real life, but all these pictures are so cool. They make me want to be a niqabi(first, I have to become a full-time hijabi, insha'allah). I just love how it would be almost impossible for a non-muslim to be scared--pink = not scary. Except that one kind of looks like she's wearing a muppet as niqab, not so good.

Amirah said...

Coffee Catholic,
Yaaaay I am so glad you like it! What a good idea about the pin through the bun! Also, if you wear an underscarf, you can inconspicuously pin the sides on the edges of your face to it (so neither one slips down). It can be a little flimsy, you're right, but like I said, It's just an easy way to do it. :-) Also, I don't know if this makes sense (it's hard to describe lol) but if you have a problem where it is like too tight to pull up over your eyes, there is a little trick you can do:
when you are folding the shayla in half, line up the edges and pinch the open end together. Then, instead of folding it so that what will be the flip part and the face part are equal, make the face part (it will be part that is on the outside) fold it so that it is a little longer, and it will droop down a little. Then do everything else as normal, and you'll have a little extra fabric so it slides up over your eyes easier and is not so tight. :-)
You are more than welcome to post a tutorial! It's not my idea though, I saw a tutorial on a forum (www.muslimsistersunite.com) and that had pictures, too.
I'm experimenting with making this a hijab style, too, by make the flipped up part much bigger than the bottom, and tying it a little lower so it goes under my chin, then pinning the top and front together near the ears....it's complicated to explain but easy to do! Just play around with it, I'm sure you'll find something that works for you! :-)

Amirah said...

Salam Pixie,
Have you ever shopped at www.eastessence.com? They just got their spring stock in, and MashaAllah it's all gorgeous! There is one pink abaya (which I think I will get InshaAllah) that you might like :-)


Just a thought. :-)

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikom,
The Nordstrom picture is a picture of Asra Nomani, done up in niqaab to attend an upscale Muslim fashion show in the department store. She wrote an article about it. http://www.slate.com/id/2128906/

I wish I could wear niqaab. Except perhaps in the summer... I don't know if I could tolerate the humidity!

Anonymous said...

I kept seeing explanations for shayla-niqabs but not for the one I use, which is the one Amirah described so wonderfully! I was just wondering how in the world to explain it to sisters out there, when I saw this. We usually see the shaylas-wrapped-around-face-and-pinned style, and am so happy this other style got explained! Its very simple and pretty, and full coverage drops down like khimer. You can also control the slit space for your eyes.
This is by the way, a popular niqab in Africa for women who dont buy the ready-made ones.

Anonymous said...

aslamu alaikum,
soz sisters, but i dont agree with any of those niqabs. none of 'em look modest. do we wanna make it harder 4 our muslim bro's or what? how they gonna put their eyes down if were standin in front of 'em like that? lol, if more sisters go out in the streets like that, theres gonna be more muslim rape victims, whether niqab or not. 'hijab' is meant 2 b wide, modest and not eye catching. i pray that all the sisters in the pics and round the world r guided. ameen.