Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pretty Abayas on TV

Khaleejia just did an amazing post on Emirati abaya fashions and I really like some of them. Here are my favourites, though I would wear alot of them with the shayla styled differently. The top one, I like the abaya and the cell phone together. Neither are my stle but together they looked kinda cool.
The sleeves on this one are sooooooo fun with the rainbow ribbon, the crochet, and the sweet tassel. I would wear a plain black shayla with it with a pretty hijab pin. Leopard, rainbow, crochet AND tassel are too much for me personally.Both these sisters have pretty Bisht style abayas with a sinple embellishment on the opening of the sleeve.I like the way there is a little gather on the sister's hjab that matches the design her bisht/or matching purse??? Love it, gonna make one of those:D Cover your hair ladies!Pretty purple-lined farasha with just the right ammount of floral embroidery for me.
I really love that these two girls are wearing their shaylas fully on their heads, mashaAllah. Simple floral embroidery is soooooooo my thing and the sister on the left has a cool zebra print hijab (which I am know to sport on occasion).Green fabric inserts. I like, and I don't even know why cuz I think it'd look bad on me. My sister Jane on the otherhand... It is the type I'd get as a gift for her.I like how this sister is wearing her floral hijab, and how it picks up the reds in her abaya sleeves, and matches her bracelet.The one in the pink reminds me of Aalia.
Crazy cool zany print hijab, reminds me of Oman.
Usual Turkish hijab print worn in Khaleeji style with bright bold chunky necklace, lol, I've been doing that for years now too.
I like this look for sisters who are trying to wear hijab but on whom it isn't obligatory yet. It looks cute. But the chest should be covered and the hair when you really start to wear it.
If the bangs were only in... I LOVE the scarf though. Very pretty. For more see the link to Khaleejia's post above.


habibti said...

assalamu alaykum pixie

do you know the fabric of this hijab

Stephanie said...

Salam Alaikum
I just absolutely love these looks but the hair thing just drives me nuts!