Saturday, May 16, 2009

Proposed Masjidil Haram & Makkah Development

My husband just sent me this link. Check it out. Soooooooooooo cool. If cool is the right adjective to describe something so totally beyond me as the kabah.

From Y:

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Candice said...

The first one is really cool. Sounds like a pretty good idea to me! The second one doesn't have anything to do with the first from what I can tell... And the person is writing it as though the plans have been approved... But the first one was clearly a proposal. Do you know if there are any set plans?

Anonymous said...

slm sister! i am indeed distressed and was hoping 2 post u a comment earlier this week, but due 2 circumstances i could not.Alhmdlilh i see that you have posted links 2 videos on what i wanted to speak about.I did not view them as yet.earlier this week i was listening to a South African islamic radio station where they had an interview with one of the engineers who is currently in saudi that is trying to stop the connstructions from going ahead.After speaking with the people incharge and finding out what the plans are he said that they wish to expand the haram inorder to make more space. But u see my sister the way in which they plan to do this is in fact degrading to our religion islam .They are planning to destroy the historic mountains in makkah n build skyscrappers so more people can have accomodation.Firstly we have to ask ourselves will our allah n nabi (saw) be happy with the way things will change?it is as though they want to make a new york out of makkah.This will definately have an effect on pilgrims as they will lose the true essence and feeling of being in such a blessed place.As the engineer said that the digging in ebrahim street might effect the Zam Zam which can cause our blessed water that allah has given us to become extinct! Alaahu akhbar! we as muslims have a right to protect our kabaah n haram allah has placed this responsibilty on every muslim. We have to find out more about this and try to take action by letting our saudi embassy in our countries know how we feel about this.There are other ways of expanding and accomodating so many people at a time instead of destroying our history.The skysrcappers that they want to build, imagine if people have 2 pray salaah from there it will be disrespect to the kabaah as it will be higher.if this constuction has to take place only wealthy people will afford to go on pilgrimage as the poor will not be able to afford it, only 5star hotels will be im makkah and near the haram making it more difficult and harder for the poor.Please sister my appeal is to research this further and inform all the other muslims sisters and whoever u can...sorry for the typing errors n the long message...shukran!
Miss SA

Lisa said...

I am interested in seeing what the actual plan is, like one of those little architect's buildings under glass :) This is so nice sweetie! I am glad you found it! Love you!

Sarah Plain & Short said...

Salam Aleikom..

Hmm. I actually don't like it. I really like the design they have now, but I understand they will have to rebuild and redesign...due to size.