Sunday, May 3, 2009

Q&A: Should I wear niqab/hijab part-time?

A sister left this question in the comment box and I thought I would write a long response to it sp I might as well do a whole seperate post since this is something I have contemplated myself before, when I started to wear hijab, and now that I have decided that there is a good chance that niqab is part of the jilbab (for myself---please no one feel that I am pushing that, this site isn't a fatwa site like Islam Q&A okay). Here is her very valid question:

Q. I'm considering wearing niqab 3 months during my summer holidays, as I'm going to spend it inshaAllah with my husband, who is abroad. But does it makes sense if i know that i'll take it off afterwards?

It wholly depends if you believe the niqab is fard/ wajib (an obligation---and part of what Allah subhanhu wa ta'ala requires of your dress) or if you believe it is mustahaab (there is reward if you do it). When I first started wearing hijab I didn't think hijab was a fard requirement. I hadn't read the Qu'ran yet but I saw Muslim women wearing it when they prayed so I tried it on from time to time. When I read the Qu'ran and learnt the hijab was a requirement, I put it on and did not take it off. Same with when I read about jilbab. As soon as I had enough money to buy a jilbab, I always wore that also when I left my home. If you believe niqab is an obligation on you, then it is a sin for you to leave it off. If you simply believe it is a good deed for you to do, that is pleasing to Allah subhanhu wa ta'ala then if you only do it for a day, that day is still pleasing to your Lord. If it is easy for you to wear it abroad, then you should wish to do those things that are pleasing to Allah subhanhu wa ta'ala that you are able to. But, Allah's Messenger (sallalhu alahi wa salaam) said: "The most blessed of deeds is that which is done consistently, even if it is a minute one" [Sahih Bukhari]. So with mustahaab acts doing the act conistantly is more beneficial than doing it rarely, or intermintently. Of course, any good we might do, even if it is only one day, or one week, or three months in our lives, is good for us, should Allah subhanhu wa ta'ala accept out intentions, knowing they are for His glory and mercy and love alone.


aisha said...

in my view niqab shouldnt be worn just cos of mood,especially when u wear it in same place;-) let people to see u with and without!this way u smhow offend the idea of niqab,but if u go for trip to saudia and u dont want to differ from women here and feel more safety u can wear niqab here,although its not needed because in saudia evry women can wear normal hijab and especially wives of ex pats do it!so theres even no country when u would be pushed to wear niqab,sooooo its better to wear it or dont wear it at all.i read ur post about feet covering and i think:yes head covering was mentioned in the same time with feet but....i think it means the abaya was too short and when was put on head feet were uncovered and it was uncomfortable,want u wear abaya which reach just ur ankles?so i think long abaya with sandals is fine,but its my view and evrbody should follow this personal feelings,if u feel uncomfortable showing ur feet even a little than cover them with stockings,but this way we can rich the point when can say:well when u wear stockings u show the shape of ur feel!so u should wear this big shoes designed to walk in snow(i forgot the most common brand of them:-)anyway im just impressed by ur deen pixie keep posting evry of ur post is great wow and those connected with religion are full of wisdom!congrats

Habibti said...

i doubt someone will point out the shape of feets i mean nearly everyone has the same shape of feets. although some have larger foots than others and vice versa. but the but it is the texture of it that makes a feet liked or not. what people look at are the toes and nails of the person. i hear many people making comments about people feets. saying oh you have such nice feets. and when you ask what is nice about it, they say you have such nice toes and bla bla. and for myself, when i look at a guy feet, im attracted by nice toes. weird i know lol
but sometimes i get guilty venturing in the building without covering my feet and i stumble upon a man. mainly my experiences revolve around my feets showing hahaha

yusna said...

Assalammualaikum there,

My name is Yusna and I am from Malaysia. I stumbled upon your blog while searching the web for abayas. I like it so much, your wisdom and explanation of life and Islam. I am a Muslim. Majority of us Malays are. However, being multicultural and colonized, we are not what you can consider strong muslim community like Saudis. So, I may practice my religion like praying, fasting etc but in the same time still being westernized. It's normal for muslim girl to date, go out with western clothes...all in all, some is more american than apple pie.

So, good for me God give me a kind husband to help me to stay true to religion. He's a Yemeni. So he is religious yet modern in thinking. I am still not wearing hijab, but eventually I think I should. It is just that it's so hard. My husband is not pushing me. He try to encourage me to go at my own pace so I will do it with honesty and sincerity. Somehow, I am scared and got all ridiculous excuses whenever the thought of wearing hijab strike my mind. Perhaps, you could help me. Can be be friend? I know this is so high school but I would like to connect with people who will not judge me based on my looks. I am not so good but hope someone can hold my hands and help me to the good way of Islam. Thanks

Pixie said...

Yusna: of course. If you ever want to talk about something just write it here in the comments but leave a note that says: DON'T POST

Anonymous said...

assalam aleykom sis Pixie!
jazakAllah khair for the response :)
i've problems with my hubbie my summer holidays are under big question mark, but anyway thank You so much for the post, it cleared to me the matter :)

fe amenellah,
Aisha from Poland