Thursday, May 14, 2009


Sorry all the non-niqabis out there for all the niqab posts. InshaAllah I will get back to non-niqab links and sets soon inshaAllah. Please bear with. And anonymous that asked about sunglasses, girl, I don't post anonymous comments so try signing with a made up name in the bottom of your comment, like this
InshaAllah before I finish the niqab segment I'll post about sunglasses with niqab. I wear that look quite regularily.


Coffee Catholic said...

Are you kidding me?! For those of us that are trying to get up the nerve to wear niqab, your niqab posts are addictive!!!

I hope you were able to nab one of those pink "flip" niqabs!!! I bought one... who knows!

Boxie said...

hah I made Pixie a pink ish one. Though not the best I will use a real patern next time!

Cairo Girl said...

Assalamu Alaikum~
I made the post referring to wearing niqab with sunglasses. I also wanted to kindly point out to you without being snarky, please don't refer to me as "girl" but rather sister. The post sounded rather slangish. I am really looking forward to you posting on this issue as I feel like I look like a fly with sunglasses and niqab. Thanking you in advance for all the great info.

Pixie said...

CairoGirl: I use slang sometimes. Sorry! I don't think I'll change the way I talk though unless it included curses. That isn't me being snarky, it's me being honest. And when people post anonymously, you don't really know who or what they are so I definately don't take the time to respond to them that I would if I knew who/what they were. If I refer to you from now on, as "CairoGirl" (I am still calling you girl but referencing your screen name) will you find that offensive? InshaAllaj I hope not.

cairo girl said...

Not at all a problem! Thanks for the explanation and I understand. Looking forward to the sunglasses with niqab posts too. I can't burn my eyeballs out here in Egypt, so i am in need of desperate help!!!