Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today I went shopping... a got three jilbabs for $35.00!!!!

I own a leopard print pashmina, a saffron yellow pashmina, and a brown flip niqab already so today I went searching for a chocolate brown (dark cocoa) jilbab and instead wound up buying three jilbabs, none of them dark cocoa in colour, without even thinking. I did it because the prices were so good--- on average $11.99 CAD each.

You know that pretty creamy cowl-neck jilbab by the brand Aab? I found one in a cozy acrylic sweater fabric, perfect for colder days (very lovely with so many thing, including my leopard pashmina). I found a saffron yellow overgarment with pakistani detailing that reminds me of an Arabianites brand garment, that will rock with my pashmina, and there is enough extra fabric in the garment that I can also make niqab to match with. And then I found a safari style jumper in khaki beige but in the same cut as the green dress in my collage. Perfect for my brown flip niqab and leopard pashmina.

Where did I buy them all you may wonder? Value Village. Yes, it is true, I only spend money on black abayas from the Gulf with matching fancy shaylas, and niqabs, cuz I need the quality, but I tend to buy coloured jilbabs and jumpers from used stores, and love to find vintage caftans there to which I hand bead to excess, and my scarves tend to be from local trendy fashion stores in the malls, pashminas from Le Chateau, and lighter scarves from Sirens (when they have their sunglass sale I get two scarves for the price of one). I like to waste my money on accessories if I must waste. InshaAllah I'll get my sister to model the looks sometime.


eyes-serene said...

Assalamu alaikom,
I love Value Village. Whenever I'm in Windsor I go there and always find at least one hijab to bring home with me. (There's a lot of Muslims there in Windsor.) I always find abayas and rarely, jilbabs, but they are always big ones. I guess when people lose weight they just donate them. Oh, to find a cool abaya there that fits me! That would be so sweet! One time a woman had a bunch of black dresses in her cart, and I could see that she had an abaya in there, and I was wondering if she was actually going to buy it because she wasn't Muslim, and the rest were obviously dresses. But she had just started her shopping and I was leaving, so I couldn't stick around to see if she discarded it after trying it on. It was so pretty, too!

I love second hand shopping but it's a time consuming process!

Coffee Catholic said...

Wow! Value Village never sold abayas or kaftans up in Alaska! I would have snapped them up if they were in my size. Good find!!

Megan said...

Why do you always get the good stuff at Value Village?! lol :)