Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wild Thing: a brown flip niqab with a leopard pashmina

My husband bought me a plain leopard print pashmina from Le Chateau a long time ago. I used to wear alot of khaki and white linen pant suits before I converted to Islam so he knows I love tans and brown but have never been able to pull of head to toe brown. So I loved the leopard pashmina with a brown jilbab like this one for $35.99 GBP. I recently bought this niqab from sunnah style, and it looks great with the leopard pashmina. Tomorrow inshaAllah I am going to look for a cheap pin like this one for $6.99 USD to clip up the niqab in a cool way. Taking inspiration from the colours of this Egyptian Hijab mag fashion pic, I am going to liven up the brown with a pop of some bright colour, like purple, orange, or lime, in the shoe, but keep the bag a neutral. Now this hijab won't match the niqab at all, but it looks like the egyptian fashion pic on the side of the collage there and it is only $6.99 USD.


Coffee Catholic said...

I'm noticing that I'm struggling to pull off head-to-toe brown. And here I thought brown was my colour what with my brown eyes and brown hair. I don't know if I'd go for a wild cat print... but maybe a brown-and-white cow print? hehehe

Lisa said...

Brown is tricky against my skin too! But, I think you can carry it well dearest one.

The leopard lap-top is so funny, you'd be amazed by what Dell's partner Skin-it can put together :)

Flip niqaabs are definitely the way to go, much easier to wear, and you can even eat out!

I can't wait to see what you come up with. Oh my laryngitis is a little better. Still struggling, but they prescribed vicodin yesterday for me (!) Hooray! Love you so much sweetie.