Saturday, June 6, 2009

Amal Murad Abayas

UAE designer, Amal Murad wanted to make the traditional abaya in line with the latest fashion trends, by making it wide and decorating it with different colours. The new collection displayed during Dubai Fashion Week, represented an example of the Gulf abaya with several cuts and materials ranging from chiffon to silk which Amal managed to use in an intelligent way. Murad brought together the winter styles,represented by coats and winter jackets, and incorporated them in the abaya using striped black and red fabrics and protruding embroidery, making it look like military suits. In her collection which comprises 27 abayas, Amal Murad escaped the narrow abaya, and opted for the “Butterfly” cut to have varied open cuts from right to left and vice versa, focusing on intermingling between materials.
Contact Details:
Phone: 050-2966969


Habibti said...

i love the plaid ones so pretty

Amina said...

OMG!!! I so want one of these abayas. Just one, thats all :-)). Yum they are soooo decadent like a good piece of cake. OK, well maybe not like cake but you know :-)

Anonymous said...

mashaalah they hair seem to be covered for a change elhmdlilah!
miss sa

Boxie said...

Tartan! oooo so cool!

Ayan said...

The tartan abaya is beautiful!
I wonder where I can buy one (that is affordable)?

manja said...

the abayas by amal murad are so beautiful. masha'allah. are they very expensive? is there like high street abaya fashion store?

thank you