Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Amina Abayas

If anyone knows where to purchese these abayas from (I will write the fashion shoots' photographer to ask) let me know:D. They remind of Oman.

Warning: vid does contain music . This is the photographer who shot the collection http://ashcastro.blogspot.com/2009/01/amina-abaya-catalogue.html.


Amina said...

Why do all of these models show their hair. I mean, I know it is not them it is the stylist but who the heck they think they are selling these abayas to???? For God's sake, when will the Muslim ummah be proud of who they are and the hijab that millions of women wear worldwide????

Cant you tell I am PO'd (major!).

Pixie said...

Amina: LOL, but sis you are so right. I think it is because they want to show the abaya off without the shayla and they have a non-muslim model anywhere so they totally don't care about overly glamourizing/exploiting her but it is wrong no matter.

Lisa said...

I think they would look SO much prettier with the hair tucked underneath. Kind of reminds me of how I feel with Hindu weddings, when the hair sometimes takes away from the effect of a hand-woven lovely sari.

I couldn't help but think that her hair color isn't right at all for the abaya, and they're marketing this all wrong. Wouldn't this be SO much better with blonde hair or jet black....OR better off just tucking the hair in. You don't need the hair anyway, the embroidery is so pretty...

Love you Pix.

Melissa said...

Those are very pretty, so elegant, and not over done or cheesy. I really love that first one, so simple, but with a little something on the ends of the sleeves.

Yes I agree, they should cover the models hair nicely, it would look much nicer.
But, I think many women in the Gulf wear the abaya for cultural reasons and not religious reasons, and that's why they show them like. They're marketing to both crowds, by showing some of the pictures with no hair covered, and with some hair covered.