Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bridal Hijab / by Jailan Atef

These are hijabs are all styled by Egypt's Jailan Atef. She has a website available here at this link

We all know what proper khimar is (or we hope ya'll do) and some of these designs are just a scarf. Please adapt them to maintain the proper modesty. I warn you, I might be posting a tonne of bridal stuff because I might throw a very small walima for myself and my non-muslim family who never got to attend my nikah (including my parents) in a few month's time. MIGHT remains a key word. Anyways, I am always planning looks anyways, so even if it doesn't happen right now it won't be a waste. On the look above the hair is hanging out, there is no chest or even neck coverage but the veil itself is kinda pretty. I like the pearls on this headpiece.I love the colours in this one. I am a creme girl, rather than all-white. The feather harkens back to the Versailles fixation I have:D One feather=Versailles. Alot of feathers though, tend to equal chicken. Not so elegant.
This one is too show-girl for me but if I had more Korean features like a girlfriend of mine I would think about it, plus a few flowers, sort of like the traditional headpieces worn by certain Asian brides.I don't like this one at all. I don't know why. It kinda reminds me of a Christmas tree with streaming lights and tinsel and an Angel on top. Sorry if you like it:D Pretty. But too top heavy for my head.
This one kinda reminds me of She-Ra, princess of power. I would not wear it. Love the neck coverage though.
This one would look excellent on my mother's face shape. Too overwhelming on most women though. On most women we'll be going, "that's alot of tulle" rather than "that's a lovely bride".
If it weren't for the silver sequins I might have liked this one. I HATE sequins on Bridal-ANYTHING. To me they are tacky and costume-ish, like my old figure skating costumes. Sequins are for costumes, unless they are done with a TONNE of class. I don't have enough class to pull of silver glittering sequins on my head. I just don't.
Very elegant. If I do wear niqab to this event this is how I'll style my hijab with my white niqab also flipped to the side and clipped with a pretty brooch. As a hijab though, it is just a scarf and if we are to hijabify it with neck coverage, on me it looks pirate-ish. Hip for a guest. Hip isn't what I want to be as a bride. Though I know one sister who could pull it off.
Pretty pretty brooches, I shall definately make use of you if I don't use a tiarra or headpiece.:D You can find pretty ones at Western Bridal Boutiques.
This one has a very vintage 1920s vibe tha I'm keen to. Has to have neck coverage for me though so I'd play around with it like Madiha did in her "Princess Hijab" vid.
This is my second favourite of Miss Atef's hijabs because the headpiece reminds me of vintage. But there is nothing else very hijabi about this one. So I'd have to adapt it. But I LOVE the satin headpiece.
This is by far my favourite of Jailan's designs. It has neck and ear coverage, chest coverage, and I like the use of the floral clip and the earring poking out. This very me, sort-of-khaleeji, but since it is very close to what I wear on special occasions already I remain undecided.


Nawal said...

The ones toward the end started looking better but alot of them just look like a big mess of fabric..and they should tuck in the bangs.

Sarah Plain & Short said...

salam aleikom,

when i signed my contract i wore a white hijab and my friends pinned a very pretty silver beaded necklace on top (like a crown). for the walima i wore a HUGE white cloth pinned at my chin, and when i got to the party i took it off (we had the guys at a different location so no chance of them seeing me !) I think you should use flowers in you hijab, it would look super cute!

Pixie said...

Nawal: I know! Tuck in the hair, tuck in the hair!

Sarah: wa alaykom e salaam ramatullah wa barakto. Sounds so pretty. Since my reception/walima will be pretty mixed, there won't be any dancing or off with the hijabs. I am going to have a hard time stopping my relatives from having alcohol. That in itself is getting me trying to be creative, how to make everybody happy but keep it halal.

Inspired Muslimah said...

Very pretty! I see a few I would consider wearing at my wedding.