Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dubai Abayas

Reminds me of a Marie Claire abaya.
Interesting. Tangy.
Oooooooooh this'd look soooooooooo amazing on a sister with a darker skin tone than me. Very exotic and pretty.
Sporty, girly, simple. LOL, not me but it's gotta be someone.
I'd wear this one but I didn't fall for it.
This one I like decently. If it were a good price I would buy.
I really liked alot of these so I leave you all the forum link : .
This one is my favourite.
But peachy flowers are so wonderful...


Hijab Chic said...

assalaam alaykum

beautiful designs! :)
i love the 1st one

e-s said...

Assalamu alaikom,
I'll take one of each, please. :)
They are all so pretty!

Boxie said...

3,4 and 7 are so nice.

Boxie said...

#3 is $123.89, #4 is $119.89, #7 is $219.80
In canadian that is. I never knew that Kuwaiti Dinar was so much. Well I did know that Canadian is well sucky. haha almost a double postish.

Aalia said...

Not my style... :-P

Najm-us-Sahar said...

Very good designs indeed!!!!!!

mmmm!!! but i dont think i would go for any of this except for the first one. These are slightly rich designs for me.

The reverts secret said...

emmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice mashallah but i prefer the plainer more styled 1s you have been posting im getting abit bored of this style now!! Ws

Majda said...

I really REALLY want the second one. I'm dyyying for a silky farasha abaya.

Fatimah said...

I just discovered a sister on ebay who sells beautiful abayas from dubai I have purchased from her and am very satisfied and thought i would share the link. high quality and beautiful designs

Aisha said...

I love these!!! I would love to purchase the 1st and 4th one. The marie claire look alike and the one with the orange breads. I am Inshallah starting hijab soon so it would be great! iA