Monday, June 15, 2009

Effa Abayas Spring 2009 Abayaat Collection

More runway coverage from the Saudi National label Effa's, based in Jumeria, Dubai, Spring 2009 Collection. Continueing from where we left off yesturday, we bring you Effa's black collection. LOVE the copper sleeved top one. Um, not so sure about sheer worn over leggins and a tank top. In a long sleeved jalabiyia or takchita, maybe....I like both of these. The blue lined one interests me the most.The sort of belt detail at the hip fascinates. I would have to try it on to see how it clung to the curves. Curve clinging id always OUT of fashion for a Muslimah. Boxie'd go for the copper one.I like how the simple trim on the shayla matches the trim on the sleeve.Beautiful draping.
I love the gold jacket-like neckline of the one on the right.
Really, really hoping short sleeves isn't a catwalk trend right now for abayas. Hear that designers?



Lisa said...

I'm not so sure about the very bottom one Pixie. IT sort of looks like a graduation gown in the back. But the one beside it with the gold is pretty.

I also am most excited about the one with the blue lined though I don't like the overall cut very much. I think the blue lining is a great trend. Wouldn't that look s pretty with a black hijab with blue lining on the edges. Awe...I'm getting excited about hijab again.

Pixie, I can't keep up at I love hishma! Ugh. I com over and you have two great posts everyday.

I've been keeping up better with blogs by using the dashboard to look at the ones I follow who just updated, but yours doesn't have the follow button.

I'll try to come over more and more because I feel like I'm really missing out. Love you!

Habibti said...
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