Sunday, June 14, 2009

Effa Fashion 2009 Spring Collection

Here is what Effa's facebook page says about her and her brand: Effa is a Saudi Arabian national based in Dubai. She grew up in England where she graduated with a Ba (hons) degree in fashion from The Surrey Institute of Art and Design in 1997. Her love of fashion began as a young girl, scrutinizing fashion magazines and sketching, with her first designs made at the age of 11. After completing her studies in Fashion and Business, Effa began her career in 1998 working for companies in the UAE and Saudi Arabia as a brand manager and fashion buyer. Brands she worked with included Christian Lacroix, Emanuel Ungaro, Valentino and John Galliano.

Through her work as a professional fashion buyer, Effa was motivated to design a luxury fashion line that would satisfy the demands and tastes of the modern, trendy customer in the Middle East. Her style was greatly influenced by the great designer brands that she worked with, but her Middle Eastern culture and her love of colour was, and continues to be an inspiration for her designs.

Effa's philosophy is that fashion should bring out the femininity and glamour in a woman, and her designs are cut in a way that they aim to show off the best of a woman regardless of her shape or size. Effa launched her first independent collection in 2006 and this is her Spring 2009 collection:
Pretty, pretty. Not too over the top girly, cuz the pink already gives you that.Simple white column touched up with simple black lace accents at the waist and the neck (which makes this jilbab transition easily into a dress once the chest covering khimar comes off).
Also available in pink.I like the green one! Very simple and sweet. Not very mod though.Yellow.I WANT the orange one!!!

White and gold. Very Grecian.

Contact Info
Office: +97150 9108100
Location:Jumeira Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Ruqayyah said...

As salaam aleikum!
Ooooooh the white one with black lace is gorgeous :D

Stephanie said...

Salam Alaikum,
Gorgeous abayas. I love the pink butterfly abaya on the far right of the top pic. I just love all the colors. I'm a big fan of the black abaya, but it's nice to have other colors in your wardrobe, especially in the summer. Thanks for the pics sister.

Nawal said...

Pretty, but id probably only wear the yellow and black one.

Majda said...

I reaaaally want the maroon one and the first pink one!

Boxie said...

man thoughts are cool, I would where them.

Mina said...

I want all of them, they all look so elegant!

Mishu said...

Oo ... the draping is fantastic, and so flattering to so many body types.

Sakeenah said...

ooo i love the orange one too reminds me of this one.... kinda

Inspired Muslimah said...

I wish I could buy all of these!!!!!!