Friday, June 19, 2009

A Homemade Abaya by a Muslimah Housewife

Today's featured pretty fashionista is Najm-us-Sahar from her blog Isn't this one so pretty mashaAllah? Sister Najm-us-Sahar, mashaAllah I love the embroidery you did.

BTW, every once and a while I will feature snippets from blogs I read to encourage us to comment more on others' blogs:D


Ayan said...

OMG it's beautiful mashAllah!! I so want one!

Melissa said...

Wow, mashallah it's beautiful!

Coffee Catholic said...

That is goregous! (I love her nails too!)

Chica said...

oh its sooooo pretty! wish i could make one for myself, need to learn embroidery/embellishing techniques.

oH and loving the arab wannabe post below. In the UK, I have mostly asian girls around me who try to be arab... incl a friend of mine who wears her hijab in the arba style with the hair showing.... and thick, thick, black kohl to boot! duh!

Lisa said...

Mashallah Pixie for driving blog traffic to that great blog.....

I actually met sister Najm-us-Sahar through you and love her blog.

The way that the abaya fits is so pretty with her body type. And I am crazy about this as a wedding dress, I just LOVE the way the pattern crosses.

Love you dearly.

lala said...

salaam, i dont know where to pose this question ...

im hopin to go hajj this yr IA and im wondering if anyone knws whether i shud only wear black abayas - other than my white abaya i will wear during hajj ??


Najm-us-Sahar said...

OMG!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much Pixie for featuring my abaya and calling me fashionista. Thanks all readers for liking my creation :)

I am so happy!!!!!!

I almost have all abayas tailored after putting effort in searching for the material and choosing the design and then work with my tailor to get it done. Its a great feel :)

take care all of you
see you soon with more
Allah HAfiz