Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Noblesse Oblige: Summer '09 Collection

Noblesse Oblige http://www.noblesseoblige.us/ is an Qatari designer abaya brand based in Doha, Qatar. You can actually order from them from their facebook group http://www.facebook.com/pages/Noblesse-Oblige-Abayas-Qatar/48131913440 but the prices ARE designer prices. For orders email noblesseoblige.qatar@yahoo.com or call +974 6777229 www.noblesseoblige.us
I love the blue flowers and the flounce of the tassels. I have weakness for floral embroidery in general though....
I love the fabrics on this one. It reminds me of the striped work of Beduoin women.
The gold sleeves on the one are just too incredible. Wedding wear I say. The cut on this one reminds me of the glam silky evening dresses of the 1930s.The cut of this one is just gorgeous. Too bad the model's hip looks dislocated:D Didn't Tyra instruct all the top models not to do that? Moving on...Pretty... But not me.This one is cool. It has an Asian theme to it but it isn't just some chinese print fabric on the cuffs.
Another Bisht style.
Okay, I love this one. The Bisht style with a bit of crazy print.
They also design pretty tops that could be worn as hijab with matching shaylas. If you can afford it, the stuff is lovely. They have some misses though. A python trimmed wild wild west style abaya?! Gaaaaa. My favourite of them all though is the papillon style, and the gypsy style, from last seasons collections.


Ayan said...

OMG I sooo want on of these beautiful abayas!! I would love to buy a bisht style abaya for Eid inshAllah :)

I love the 2nd abaya from the top and the 7th picture down. I also love the 3rd, 4th, and 5th last abaya (near the end) mashAllah!

*~Ange~* said...

their abayas are so glam! i love them all.

The reverts secret said...

Mashallah i love them all!!! there so elegant!!!