Saturday, June 6, 2009

Paris Hilton----In Abaya?!!!!

Nope, she's just been photo shopped into one.
And what about this image below of Angelina Jolie emerging from the blue pleated folds of a cultural Afghani chador with mesh (commonly and erringly referred to as Burqa)... Yeah, def. photo shopped.


Lisa said...

Ha ha that Angelina photo is just like the National Geographic one! You know, with the cute little Afghan with the pretty green eyes. Those lips need to be covered too though, there's something just too provocative about them for my taste Pixie!

Paris is such a brat, she would still look like she was in a porn movie in abaya. Sad!

I love you sweetie, cute post!

NeverEver said...

she looks so much better in an abaya... seriously.